Devon Cunningham prefers to be in the sidelines when it comes to the attention of the media, but the case was different when her husband Jay Bouwmeester collapsed on the bench during a game on 11 February 2020.

Devon, who is a nurse by profession, was instantly remembered by the fans as they wanted to know about the condition of one of their favorite players. To know more do go ahead a read the full article.

How Old Is Devon Cunningham? Bio, Birthday, Nationality

Devon Cunningham enjoys a pretty good life outside of social media and the limelight of media. However, being the wife of a well-known personality has its share of the spotlight. 

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From what is known of Devon, she was born on 11 February 1984 and is a Canadian by nationality. Apart from that, she is a family person and does not use any kind of social media.

Devon is often seen rooting for her hubby from the sidelines along with her kids.

Turning 36 years in age, Devon celebrated her birthday in February 2020.

Jay Bouwmeester: Wedding, Married, Kids

Devon Cunningham and Jay Bouwmeester got married in 2011 and then went onto have three kids of their own, Linna, Carys & a third daughter whose details are not yet revealed.


Devon Cunningham with husband Jay Bouwmeester (Pic:

Since Devon and husband Jay are very private about their personal life not much is known about their wedding details. Even so, their love for each other can clearly be seen whenever they appear in any event together.

More often than not, Devon and the kids are seen on the sidelines supporting Jay during his NHL games.

How Tall Is Devon Cunningham? Job, Net Worth, Education

Though Devon Cunningham falls short in height with her counterpart. However, she is not far behind when it comes to matching him professionally.

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Devon is a nurse by profession and has completed her education in nursing from the University of Alberta and masters from the University of Calgary. Her expertise lies in dermatology and works for Dermatology Associates in St.Louis.

By the looks of it, Devon seems to be happy with her respectable job but, her net worth is yet to be listed in figures.

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