To be a successful person, one must be ready to give sacrifices and move on in life. In the case of Danny Padilla, he gave up his love for sports and choose a career path in music.

Though not a superstar performer who rocked the stage on concerts all over the world, Danny was more subtle and found a different way to succeed.

With the help of YouTube and a charming voice, he was successful to amass an audience for himself. To know more about his journey, go through the full article

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Danny Padilla celebrates his birthday on 21 April every year. As of 2020, he turned 27 years old and his birth sign resembled Taurus.

Being a Taurus, Danny possessed characteristics like being generous, patient as well as determined and very kind from the heart.

Danny Padilla Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Danny Padilla was born and raised in the suburbs of Manhattan Beach, California. His parents were very caring and raised him alongside three other siblings: Steven, Matt, and Camden.

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As a family, the fivesome were very close and often spent time together. Danny can also often be seen posting lovely pictures of each of his family members on his social media handles.

Apart from that, Danny enjoyed a fun-filled childhood. He grew up developing an interest in athletics and was pretty good at it. But by the time he joined high school, he was already into music.

Soon, he learned to play guitar and the drums and in no time became a music sensation.

Danny Padilla Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Talking about Danny Padilla’s build, he stands at the height of 6 feet and maintains a stellar physique for himself.

Coming from an athletics background, the singer tends to stay in shape even though he does not play any sport. Apart from that, his distinctive feature includes his attractive voice and clear cut facial structure. (

Social Media Reach: IG, YouTube, FB, Twitter

One of the biggest reasons behind the success and coming up of Danny Padilla was social media, especially YouTube. The platform has provided the opportunity for so many talented people — amongst which Danny was one.

He started with a friend named Mason and sang covers of famous songs with instant impersonations. The concept quickly became popular and people started loving them.

Danny Padilla with his friend Mason in 2019 (Pic: Danny’s Instagram)

Soon he became virtually popular in every platform including “Facebook”, “Reddit”, “Buzzfeed” you name it. As of 2020, he amassed a fan following of 118K on Instagram and 1.52 million subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Danny Padilla Net Worth, Songs, Albums

Gaining immense success from his comic and entertaining song covers, Danny Padilla moved into creating original music. In 2016, he wrote and co-produced three songs which were liked by both fans and the music industry.

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Some of his notables songs like “Ally”, “Intoxication”, and “Innocent” earned him a lot of praise. Although he was a professional singer, circa 2016 he began posting fun content for his fans.

As of 2020, his net worth has climbed to great heights and even surpassed the $800 thousand threshold.

Danny Padilla Girlfriend, Dating, Wife

Danny Padilla was amidst those whose dating status was constantly on the questions. Previously, he dated fellow musician Jillian Trimble, with whom he shared a few social media memories, but the couple eventually parted ways.

The separation burned Danny to such an extent that he wrote a song dedicated to the now-former girlfriend. However, that did not stop him from moving on and look for another wife prospect. He even congratulated her via a Tweet for finding a new man in her life.

In 2020, Danny joined the “Listen To Your Heart” crew where he paired up with Bekah Purifoy. Though nothing was confirmed between the two, his fans were eager to see him pair up with someone soon.

Is He Gay?

Since Danny Padilla was having a hard time finding a person who would love him for who he was, people started questioning his sexuality.

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So, clearing a dought of the people he posted a video where he confirmed he was straight and all the talks about him being gay were false.

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