Daniel Salazar soared to popularity after the premiere of “Love In Paradise: The Caribbean” in July 2021. He appeared on the 90 Day Fiance spinoff series alongside his fiancee, Amber Graney.

In this Daniel Salazar wiki, you shall read about his height, family, and age. Furthermore, the article also highlights his job, Instagram, and relationship with Amber Graney.

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Daniel Salazar Age

When “Love In Paradise: The Caribbean” debuted in July 2021, Daniel Salazar was 23 years old.

What’s more, Daniel is 8 years older than Amber Graney who turned 31 in 2020. Plus, 1st May marks her birthday.

Daniel Salazar Family

Talking about his family, Daniel has a brother named David Salazar. David celebrates his birthday in March. On David’s 2021 birthday, Daniel shared a photo of them via Facebook and wrote, “Happy birthday brother I wish you life and health and the best for you”.

Meanwhile, Yulvanny Parra and Yuli Salazar are some of Daniel’s known family members.

Daniel hails from Puerto Cabello — a city on the north coast of Venezuela. According to Wikipedia, Puerto Cabello “is located in Carabobo State, about 210 km west of Caracas.”

However, as of 2021, Daniel called Jacó, Costa Rica his home.

Daniel, therefore, could be of either Costa Rican or Venezuela nationality.

His Height, Tattoos

Stocky yet strong, Daniel Salazar measures around 5 feet 10 inches in height. Based on his Instagram posts, he is into sports, often dabbling in basketball and volleyball.

Moreover, Daniel seems to possess multiple tattoos. Of all his inks, the one on his left arm is prominent. He also has tattooed ॐ on his left thigh.

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His Instagram, Facebook

As stated above, Daniel Salazar has a Facebook profile. Back in 2013, he had first joined the social media platform.

Reach out to Daniel on Instagram @danielsalazar90p.

Daniel Salazar Job, Net Worth

With his appearance on “Love In Paradise: The Caribbean Love,” Daniel earned the title of a reality star.

Daniel’s job, beyond reality TV, however, remained a private affair as of July 2021. So was his net worth.

As seen on TV, Daniel was jobless in 2020 after the pandemic hit. He relied on Amber Graney to financially support him. Amber even paid his WiFi bill.

By his admission, Daniel wanted to have a job and provide for Amber. According to him, he wants to be the man who provides.

Daniel Salazar And Amber Graney: Love In Paradise, Still Together?

Amber Graney first met Daniel Salazar back in early 2017 while she was vacationing in Costa Rica. In October 2018, the two then started their relationship and soon got engaged. 

Steven then applied for a K-1 Visa application for the US, which Amber was shown spearheading.

As seen on the show, Amber reunited with Daniel after 12 months. “I’m definitely getting laid tonight,” she said. Unfortunately, the pair later got into an explosive fight and cursed at one another while dining at a restaurant.

After which, Amber spoke to the camera, “I feel like I’ve been in the dark because I don’t even know who you are.”

Overall, although it seemed like Amber was ready to tie the knot, her intense personality collided with Daniel’s laid-backness. Confessedly, she became more resentful and wondered if Daniel saw him as “mother,” rather than his wife.

So, this might seem as if it was the end of the duo, but well, you never know.

In a confessional, Daniel promised that he was “very grateful” for Amber’s financial assistance, and maybe he will just do right by her.

As of 2021, the question if Amber and Daniel were still together remained a mystery.

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