Daneliya Tuleshova is amongst a fresh batch of performers from across the globe taking part in the fifteenth season of ABC’s American Got Talent (often abbreviated as AGT).

The season resumed in mid-June, with some changes to minimize the possible infection and transference of COVID-19 amongst participants, production staff, the judges, and the host.

Now, as you see the participants unravel their unique talents on the television screen, get to know, closely, Daneliya Tuleshova, one of the young talents in the reality show.

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Who Is Daneliya Tuleshova?

Daneliya hails from Almaty, Kazakhstan, a transcontinental country located mainly in Central Asia with a smaller portion west of the Ural in Eastern Europe. Based on the fact, Daneliya most possibly held a Kazakh nationality.

While talking about her religion, speculations can be made from the fact that over 70.2% of Kazakhs are Muslim; however, it then can not be simply concluded that Daneliya and her family practice Islam.

Age 14 (as of 18th July 2020), she rocketed to fame in 2017 winning the fourth season of The Voice Kids Ukraine. And, before this win, she had taken home, the 2015 Junior New Wave singing competition crown.

Her cover of “Ne tvoya viina” by Okean Elzy collected more than 2 million views on YouTube in less than a month after it was shared.

This way, the teenager, who stood at the height of 5 feet and 3 inches, is predicted to have acquired over $400 thousand net worth.

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Alexander & Elena Tuleshova: Who Are Daneliya Tuleshova Parents?

Daneliya’s mother Elena Tuleshova and father Alexander Tuleshova are both on Instagram. Everyone in the family who is on social media uses Russian as their language.

Daneliya, the eldest of three children born to the Tuleshova parents, is the blend of Kazakh and Tatar’s family. Although it was not precisely known which part of the ethnicity she acquired from her father’s and mother’s side of the family.

Daneliya seems close to her mother. She shares more posts with her mother or is dedicated to her mother as compared to the ones she posts with or about her father.

The Junior Eurovision Song Contest participant even released a track titled “MAMA” dedicated to her mother, back in July of 2019.

“This is a song about how much I love my Mom❤️❤️❤️ and dedicate it to all Mothers on earth”— Daneliya wrote on her Instagram post, also featuring her mother in the song.

Reportedly, it is her father, who manages her social media.

Elena and Alexander, are the ideal parents, who are very proud of their children’s early endeavors.


We walk with the whole family around” (PIC: Daneliya’s IG)

They were the ones, who spotted that their young one was a gem. So, they accordingly enrolled her for the required training.

Daneliya began training in ballroom, dancing at the age of six, and before she knew it, she was excelling in dance competitions. Likewise, she also took acting workshops and group voice lessons, probably to be in Hollywood someday.

Does Daneliya Tuleshova Have Siblings?

Daneliya Tuleshova has two younger siblings – Timur and Amelie. Her baby brother and sister are as ambitious as her, all thanks to their parents who made sure none of their kids is deprived of attention and support.

Timur is ambitious and is pursuing judo and programming, while the youngest of all is training in ballet.

The family also has an adorable Mimishechka dog, who is the apple of everyone’s eyes.

Her “America’s Got Talent” Journey

So far the journey including that of the AGT’s, Daneliya is already a social media sensation with 487K followers on Instagram. Viewers have loved her for many reasons; one being that she is not afraid to take challenges.

Daneliya audition in AGT’s 1503rd episode consisted of singing Faouzia’s “Tears of Gold”. All judges— Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, Sofia Vergara, and Simon Cowell had given her the “Yes” to the next round.

Eventually, she automatically advanced to the Quarterfinals without performing in the 1508th episode.

Then, for the Quarterfinals she sang Harry Styles’ “Sign of the Times” earning standing ovations from judges. Daneliya, with more votes, advanced to the Semifinals instead of Kelvin Dukes and The Shape.

Her Semifinal’s performance on Jessie J’s “Who You Are” also earned a joyous standing ovations from the judges Howie Mandel, Heidi Klum, and Sofia Vergara.

Soon, time will unravel if she also comes first in the show’s grand finale.

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