Netflix’s new reality show, The Wedding Coach premiered on April 2021, and its host, Jamie Lee’s married life had been a topic of interest for many viewers. So, let us be the one to tell you, Jamie was married to a fellow comedian named Dan Black, and his life is no less interesting than that of Jamie’s.

Keep reading this Dan Black wiki to learn all the fans about Jamie Lee’s husband. 

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Dan Black Age

Dan Black was reported to be him in his late 30’s – early 40’s as of 2021. He receives his birthday wishes on January 22, making him of the Aquarius zodiac.

Just in case you want to know, his wife Jamie Lee was 38 then and celebrates her birthday on March 15.

Dan Black Family

Just take a look at his family pictures, and you’ll know where Dan Black inherits his sense of humor from. His dad, Richard Black who is a photographer by profession, appeared on Dan’s IG in Sept 2019, where both flaunted their ponytails captioned, “I’m becoming my father! Ponytails 4 LyFe!”

More info about Richard: He was the president of Richard Black Studio and lived in Roslyn Heights, New York as of 2021. For education, he went to Martin Van Buren High School, and later attended the School of Visual Arts. His FB mentioned him to be in an “open relationship”.

As for Dan’s mother Sherry Black, she also loved a good laugh. No wonder, she was close to her daughter-in-law, Jamie Lee.

Talking about his siblings, Dan has at least two siblings named Mike and Neil Butchy Black. His bother, Mike lived in Woodbury, New York, while Neil was in NYC, cycling his life away. He described himself as, “Just a bloke trying to be a cowboy on two wheels!”

But as fun-loving as Dan’s family were, they were far much traditional than that. According to Jamie, she was asked to wear yarmulkes at their wedding and also sign a ketubah.

As for Dan’s hometown, he hails from Roslyn Heights, New York, but later moved to Los Angeles, California.

His Height

Dan Black stands tall at a height of 5 feet 8 inches (172 cm). He is a bulky man who weighs around 90 kg (200 lbs). Joking about his weight Dan even took it to his IG, posing in front of a Sedona, Arizona forest, captioned, “Sedona has incredible views of 200 POUND KOSHER LONG ISLAND BEEF!!!!! #jacked”

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Social Media Reach

As of April 2021, Dan entertained 2.2K followers over his Instagram @danblackattack, 4K followers over Twitter @DanBlackAttack, and 815 followers over Facebook @@DanBlackComedy.

Also, find Dan over his private Facebook account @DanielEBlack.

Don’t forget to check out his self-titled Youtube channel where he posted most of his stand-up comedies.

Dan Black Net Worth

Dan Black’s net worth was under $1 million in 2021.

The Los Angeles-based comedian, Dan was a big-time Pro Wrestling fan and hosted the podcast Comedians of Wrestling on the UCB Comedy network. Not to mention, he even made himself a “comedians champions belt”. Also, he hosted a monthly stand-up show at UCB with his wife called “Date Night with Dan Black and Jamie Lee.”

Furthermore, he was also a member of Death By Roo Roo and often perform with them. 

Trivia: Dan also performed sketch comedy with his UCB Maude Team The Bus.

Apart from that, Dan has stepped into the entertainment industry as well. He has acted on Trutv’s Adam Ruins Everything, Funny or Die’s The Art of the Deal: The Movie, TLC’s Cake Boss, and many more.

Dan Black And Jaime Lee’s Relationship

Dan Black and Jaime Lee were engaged in December of 2014 and married almost a year a half later in 2016. Their wedding journey was documented in Jamie‘s book  Weddiculous: An Unfiltered Guide to Being a Bride. As per Jaime, she felt inspired to document her days shortly after Dan proposed. 

But it was also  Jacqueline Novak, who gave her the idea to write a “funny book about getting married.”

Over her book, Jaime explained that besides wearing yarmulkes and signing ketubah, the duo even did the Hora at their wedding.

As of 2021, the lovebirds had no kids but will be cherishing their five years together. It seems that all their love for children was being spent on their two cute little dogs who were often featured on their IGs.


Dan Black With Jaime Lee (Source: Instagram)

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