Actor Jack Dylan Grazer is in love and fans of the actor are eager to learn more about the actor’s girlfriend. He is often featured on his girlfriend Cylia Chasman’s Instagram.

So, for those of our readers eager to learn more about Jack Dylan Grazergirlfriend, delve into this Cylia Chasman Wiki.

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Her Age: How Old Is She?

Cylia Chasman is half a year away from celebrating her sweet sixteen as of the time of this writing i.e. 26 April 2021. Born on 14 October in 2005, she turned 15 years old in 2020. Based on that information, Cylia owned Libra as her zodiac sign.

Cylia Chasman Mom

On Mother’s day 2020, Cylia Chasman along with her sister surprised their mom, Nadia Fares. To celebrate the day, Nadia went on her Instagram to write— “Motherhood is the most beautiful thing. I’m blessed to be the mom of those amazing girls!”

As a proud mother, Nadia Fares wished her younger daughter a happy birthday every year. As an actress and activist, she was always a role model to her kids, especially her daughter Cylia.

Nadia instilled values and good character in her kids that took her years to achieve. The French actress earned wider recognition for movies such as Les Amies de ma femme, Hommes, femmes, mode d’emlpoi, The Loudmouths, The Nest, Everybody Is a Killer, War, Everyone’s Life, Lucky Day, and a few more.

Along with that, Nadia also gained fame with TV shows such as Revivre (2009), Marseille (2016-2018), Les Ombres Rouges (2019), and The Promise (2020).

Apart from her work in movies and TV shows, Nadia advocated for animal rights. As her IG bio stated, she stood against all types of racism and believed in the power of positivity. All of these acts of kindness and humanity inspired her daughter Cylia Chasman to be a better human being.

Cylia Chasman Dad

Coming to information on her other parent, Cylia Chasman was born to her dad Steven Chasman. Steven earned fame as a film producer. Movies such as Kiss of the Dragon, The One, Invincible, The Transporter, Taxi, Unleashed, Chaos, DOA: Dead or Alive, War, The Bank Job, Killer Elite, Parker, Wild Card, Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw, Kung Fury 2, and Viva La Madness.

Furthermore, Cylia’s dad Steven Chasman married her mom Nadia Fares in 2002. Steven and Nadia have been together ever since. Like his wife, Cylia, and her sister Shana Chasman admired their father.

Every father’s day, the girls wished their father.

Does Cylia Chasman Have Siblings?

Talking about Cylia Chasman’s siblings, Cylia Chasman has an elder sister name Shana Chasman. Shana is an aspiring musician and an inspiring IG influencer. Her Instagram account earned 13.1k followers which gave a glimpse of the career on the building.

Shana shared a few clips of herself playing music on her Instagram.

Moreover, Cylia Chasman cited Jimi Hendrix. On 28 November 2017, Shana wrote on her Instagram,

“happy birthday to my love!”

Shana also shared her love for playing guitar on Instagram. Moreover, she loved singing and sang songs that also she shared on her Instagram.

Her Height, Hair

Cylia Chasman has strong genes and she had her beautiful mother Nadia Fares and her handsome father Steven to thank. She stood tall at a height of 5 feet 1 inch (1.54 meters) at 15. Moreover, Cylia weighed about 43 kilograms (94 lbs).

Furthermore, Cylia had wavy hair but she curled her hair to twinning with her boyfriend Jack D Grazer.

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Cylia Chasman Net Worth

Only 15 years old as of 26 April 2021, Cylia already paved the way to establish a career as a social media star. Compared to her sister, her fame thrived along with her association with actor Jack D Grazer.

Moreover, Cylia’s Instagram earned her 347k followers as of 2021. However, she only posted 36 times on the platform. Most of the posts on the platform covered her travel to her mother’s place in France.

With that in mind, Cylia is not far from pursuing a career in acting following the footsteps of her parents. With her parents having a well-established career, Cylia won’t be having much trouble pursuing an acting career.

As they say, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Cylia also supported a fundraiser created by Virginia Herry which was created on behalf of Jean-Francois Herry. She asked for help from her followers to support an African family.

While Cylia’s net worth remains a mystery, her parents earned a significant amount of wealth through her successful career. The couple together worth about $30 million. In 2019, Cylia’s parents put up their Palisades Home for sale on the market for $16.9 million.

Nadia and Steven had paid $6.875 million for the house in 2006.

Cylia Chasman And Jack Dylan Grazer: Dating

Cylia Chasman and Jack Dylan Grazer went public with their relationship in August of 2020. The actor first appeared on Cylia’s IG on 17 August 2020. On the post, Cylia wrote,

“manks on a tree”

Later in October of 2020, they again getting cozy on Instagram where they appeared together. Whereas, some followers argued they were celebrating their first anniversary at the same time.


Cylia Chasman and her actor boyfriend Jack Dylan Grazer together on 11 March (Pic: Cylia Chasman)

In December of 2020, Cylia Chasman again wrote,

“epost because i woke up to instagram taking it down for some reason”

On New Year’s day 2021, Cylia shared a picture of the Jacj holding her from the back along with other pictures.

But on 1 February 2021, Cylia wrote a long post celebrating their first anniversary. She wrote a post starting with, “this boy means the WORLD TO ME!!…”

Cylia wrote how she was head over heels and in love with him. She also wrote about enjoying moments together and all the lovey-dovey stuff. Cylia ended the post with,

“i wish i could really express the happiness i’ve found spending this time with you, i adore you. happy 1 year❤️”

Along with congratulations, fans were also happy for the two.

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