Maybe as a theatre artist, the popular Conor MacNeill groomed himself not only in acting but, writing, and music as well. So, his versatility took him to the bigger screens and managed to keep him grounded at the same time.

Conor is a fluent Irish speaker who finds less difference between theatre roleplay and onscreen ones. As per him, the change in the medium doesn’t change one’s approach to the character.

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Conor MacNeill Age, Birthday, Zodiac

The popular Irish actor, Conor MacNeill turned 32 years of age on his 2020 birthday. He was born on 4th July 1988, thus making him, a Cancer by zodiac.

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Essential Details: Family, Hometown, Education

Obviously, the birthday of the man falls on the independence day of the United States. But Conor’s hometown is far from the country, in Antrim, Northern Ireland, where he was born.

It seems like, he not only learned from his family but the overall community in Belfast, back in the 90s. If not, he certainly did great in history, grabbing much from the life of his family, and the past generations as well.

Conor never revealed details on his education. However, he once told that it was only as a secondary school student that he understood the essence of the contributions made by his past generations.

Also, he spoke about his days back in the Irish-language school and the challenges based on the identity that he faced. He shared, what the Irishness would mean to the people and how they would react to the way of speaking.

Northern Ireland came through a lot within not even a century, be it the war, riots, imprisonment, or house raids. So, the scene where he grew up was different from where he further precede.

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Conor MacNeill Height, Weight, Distinct Features

By his height, Conor MacNeill is 5 feet 4 inches, while his weight is a good 67 kgs. His height and weight fit in best and makes his overall looks more phenomenal.

Also, Conor possesses some distinct features that help glam up his personality. From his natural red hair to his dazzling blue eyes, he holds great attributes.

Hence, Conor’s distinct features have been significant a part of his career in entertainment as many people get mesmerized by his characters.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Conor proficiently perceives social media. He is not on Twitter and Facebook, and there must be a reason behind it.

Conor is on Instagram. He often uses the platform to inform his followers of his day to day activity. He mostly covers his professional life on Instagram. And no, his fans are not quite upset about him not displaying his personal life.

They might want to know more, but they love the way he keeps the balance of his life and conditions.

Thus, despite not being on Facebook and Twitter, Conor garnered more than 3K followers on his Instagram account until early December 2020.

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Conor MacNeill Net Worth, Movies, TV Shows

Conor’s style of writing had a lot of influence from the background he came. Moreover, he started from theatres and even ran his own theatre company, ‘Brassneck’, back in Belfast.

Conor basically began movies from a small role in the 2008 movie City of Ember. Later, his roles in the popular movies, Fifty Dead Men Walking, Cherrybomb, Stand Off, Love and Friendship, The Current War, and 2020 famous, Artemis Fowl.

He also starred in the Netflix film, The Siege of Jadotville, and some short movies including, Richer Than The Roses, Disturbance, Cowboys & Dissadents, and Stand Up.

Among the TV show, the most popular ones have been his role in The Fall, No Offence, and Industry.

One of the most popular writing works by Conor was the 2016 short drama The Party that even was nominated for BAFTA awards.

Thus, his $1.3 million net worth from all his works, is all worth for his dedication to the world of entertainment.

Conor MacNeill Wife, Girlfriend, Gay

Conor MacNeill has always stood for gay rights. He appreciated the challenges his country’s people faced when actively protesting in favor of same-sex marriage.

This doesn’t make him gay, he instead becomes someone who stands for right. There obviously have been many rumors of him being gay because of his secrecy regarding his girlfriend.

Conor remained tight-lipped about his gay rumors, and girlfriend. And further, even about him being married and having a wife.

Be it about him having a wife, girlfriend, or being gay, everything sustains to gossips until the man himself confirms any of these social media buzzes.

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