Former U.S ambassador to Japan Bill Hagerty won the seat of U.S. Senator. He defeated democratic senator-elect Marquita Bradshaw and earned the seat in November of 2020.

Following that, all of the attention was directed towards his wife Chrissy Hagerty. To learn more about her, scroll down this wiki article.

Chrissy Hagerty Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Chrissy Hagerty is a private individual and shared almost no information on her personal life. Among many information Chrissy is yet to unwrap, her birthday probably tops the list.

Since Chrissy kept preferred to remain mum about any details which existed on her, information such as age, the year of her birth, and her zodiac sign eluded public knowledge.

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Family Background — Maiden Name, Parents, Siblings

Chrissy Hagerty was born to her anonymous parents in Monterey, California. Even in several interviews of her, she tried hard not to give away any information on her parents and other family members. And because of that, Chrissy’s maiden name is still a mystery yet to be unraveled.

Moreover, Chrissy grew up with her siblings in her hometown in California. But like her parents, information on her siblings is yet to see the light of the day.

Chrissy Hagerty Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Getting into details on her physical features, she towers over at the height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters), almost as tall as her husband, Bill Hagerty. Moreover, Chrissy Hagerty is blessed with a perfect body weight of  61 kilograms (134 lbs), a proportionate measure to her height.

As for distinct features, Chrissy demonstrates an attractive personality making her a lovely person to have around. She possesses straight hair which grows to her shoulder-length and often dresses formally which elects as her distinct features.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Moving on to Chrissy’s social media reach, her private Instagram account earned her a total of 316 followers. However, she was nowhere to be discovered on the Facebook account.

In the same way, Chrissy was non-existent on Twitter as of the time of this writing. However, her husband brought her up in a few of his tweets.

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Chrissy Hagerty Job, Net Worth, Education

Chrissy Hagerty earned prominence as the wife of the U.S. Ambassador to Japan in 2017. But, very few people know that she is deserving of attention in her own right.

Chrissy attended the University of San Diego. She graduated from university with a degree in economics. After earning her bachelor’s degree, she moved to Washington D.C.

In the process, Chrissy landed a job at the U.S. Congressional Budget Committee. She juggled both career and education after she started her studies for a master’s degree.

The California-native went on to earn her master’s degree in International Economics. Following that, she went on to serve as an economist at the United States Department of Commerce.

During that time, Chrissy focused on GDP and the U.S. balance of payments. Other than that, no information on Chrissy’s career and the job has been shared.

Besides her job, Chrissy loves public interaction. She often attends functions and gatherings which helped her to gain wider recognition,

When her husband Bill Hagerty was elected an ambassador, she and her family who lived in Tennesse packed all of their stuff to move to Japan. She immersed herself in the culture and people.

Chrissy Hagerty often shares the stories of her travel. As for her net worth, Chrissy sits on a total net worth of $2.5 million with her husband.

Chrissy & Bill Hagerty: Dating, Wedding, Kids

As Chrissy spoke on her relationship, the couple met each other in Washington D.C. The couple got acquainted, one thing led to another, and eventually, Chrissy married Bill Hagerty.

Chrissy and Bill tied knots in 2001. It has been almost 20 years ever since but she is still happily married to her husband. The couple went on having four kids of their own.

Two of their oldest sons are on a verge of completing their teenage years. The couple also has two beautiful daughters. Besides that, details on her kids remain anonymous.

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