American retired football coach, former football player, and politician Tommy Tuberville won the 2020’s general election on 3rd November defeating the incumbent U.S. Senator and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Circa April 2019, Tommy, a.k.a Thomas Hawley Tuberville, had announced his candidacy in the 2020 United States Senate election in Alabama.

Now with the win, people have never been this curious over his wife who has been prominently taking on the role of political wife and supporting her husband’s political endeavors and Senate Race.

Here’s everything you need to know about the lady with the name Suzanne Tuberville.

Age, Birthday, Zodiac Sign

As reported by Suzanne Tuberville of Guilford, Indiana was born on the 5th of May in 1961. So, we figured she turned 59 years of age in 2020. And that her zodiac sign is Taurus.

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Suzanne Tuberville Bio — Parents, Siblings, Maiden Name

Also, according to the site, Suzzanne went around by multiple names i.e. Suzanne M Rulon, Suzanne M Tuberville, Suzanne M Fette, Suzanne Marie Tuberville. And of these, the “Fette” happens to be her maiden surname.

Last year in August, Suzzanne bid her father the final goodbye as he passed away at the age of 80. He immensely loved his family, wife, children, and even grandchildren.

Suzanne’s parents Irvin Fette and Eva Fette had been married for like forever (since 1986). They had five kids and a collective eight grandchildren from them.

Suzanne’s siblings are– Rosanne (Bill) Hise of Fishers, Indiana, Steven (Nora) Fette of Plano, Texas, Mark (Judy) Fette of Lawrenceburg, and a step-sister Theresa (Jeffrey) Riley of Plant City, Florida.

Suzanne Tuberville Accident, Manslaughter Charges

Sometime in November 2011, Suzanne Tuberville almost faced manslaughter charges as her car crashed in Lubbock, Texas.

She allegedly “ran a red light and T-boned” the car of then-73 Nelda Purdy and husband Ira Purdy of 86.

The couple was rushed to the hospital in critical condition. Suzanne got lucky with light bruising and a few scratches, Nelda survived too, but her husband could not make it. He was in intensive care for four months before he eventually died from severe injuries.

The autopsy report proved his death was caused by the accident, but the Lubbock police dismissed the case by saying, “Case is closed. We don’t anticipate any further charges to be filed.” Suzanne was then given a citation and the case was dismissed as of the date: Feb. 15, 2012, after the famous wife took a defensive driving class.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Suzanne Tuberville, the Auburn, Alabama inhabitant, stands tall in 5 feet and 8 inches height and under 52 Kg or 115 lbs weight.

Beautiful Suzzane is very much young-looking and has naturally blonde hair and a very good sense of fashion.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Suzanne Tuberville is not much of a social media fanatic. Instead, she is only on Instagram with a few people i.e. her family and friends following her.

And, until 5th November in 2020, she had only shared a picture of fresh mint growing in her yard in Old Florida Beach house.

Suzanne Tuberville Job, Education, Net Worth

As we write this, Suzanne Tuberville’s educational background remained a mystery. Also, no one in the media or public seemed to have any clue regarding what she did for a living.

Nevertheless, in the meantime, we know she is lucky as to being entitled to ESPN’s former color analyst’s $53 million and counting net worth.

Tommy Tuberville’s net worth as of 2020 is roughly around $53 million.

Suzanne Tuberville & Tommy Tuberville: Dating, Wedding, Kids

Suzanne Tuberville met her future husband Tommy Tuberville at the Sugar Bowl in 1989 in the party city of New Orleans. The couple has been together ever since. They shortly started dating and continued to do so until they had the wedding sometime in 1991.


Suzanne Tuberville and Tommy Tuberville were invited to the White House for President Trump’s acceptance speech at the 2020 Republican National Convention (PIC: Tommy’s IG)

Together, they have raised two grown-up kids, both boys.

Their first son is Tucker Tuberville. He was born on 24th May 24 in 1994. Tucker, like his father, attended Auburn University and is a former student-athlete. He used to be the quarterback for the school’s football team. However, it seemed he did not pursue sports as a career. Because lately, he is an investment banker in New York.

Likewise, the second son of the Tuberville duo is none other than Troy Allen Tuberville. Troy too was sent to Auburn University where his major, we last knew, was Business Technology.


Suzanne Tuberville with her family, including Tommy’s mother (PIC: Tommy’s IG)

For now, we did not know if this was the only married life that Suzanne experienced, her husband was previously married to Vicki Lynn Harris, his high school sweetheart.

Their wedding took place on 19th December in 1976, only to fall apart shortly.

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