Caleb King, better known to the world as @alaskan.boii, grew famous because of his “woke” content on TikTok.

However, Caleb’s world came crashing after two people accused him of predatory behavior.

Continue reading and discover Caleb’s wiki details including his age, family, and partner. Furthermore, find out his height, partner, and drama surrounding him.

Caleb King [@alaskan.boii] Wiki — Age, Family, Height

In 2020, Caleb King was 21 years of age. However, there existed little to no info on his date of birth, zodiac, and birthday.

From his parents, Caleb King inherited Caucasian ethnicity. Meanwhile, his family hailed from the United States of America.

Interestingly, Caleb rarely shone a light on his dad, mom, and siblings. Nonetheless, many assumed all loved him dearly.

Coming to his physical traits, Caleb King measured under 5 feet 11 inches in height. Whereas, his weight surpassed 63 kilograms weight.

After high school, Caleb attended college to study Neuroscience.

As of 10th July 2020, Caleb had 757 thousand followers on TikTok. Also in the platform, she had accumulated 38 million likes.

From his social media reach, Caleb pocketed respectable earnings through paid posts. No doubt, his net worth was on the rise.

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Gay, Partner, Dating

As an openly gay man, Caleb King used his platform to speak against widespread homophobia plaguing the world.

However, Caleb kept the identity of his romantic partner to himself. What’s more, he opted not to flaunt his dating life.

Caleb’s heartthrob status saw a demise after his predatory behavior came to light.

Caleb King [@alaskan.boii] Drama: Is He A Predator?

On 30th June 2020, a Twitter user named Luke (@lilicebox_) uploaded a text exchange between him and Caleb King. Luke shared Caleb:

“drunk texted me when I was 13 and asked if I was a virgin, top or bottom and asked if I wanted to hang out [sic] and if I reached puberty.”

Replying to Luke’s tweet, another user Ben (@akbendav1s) shared a similar experience with Caleb. He wrote:

“thank you for sharing luke, i’m not going to accuse him of anything but that displays predatory behavior… when I was 14 years old, Caleb King got “drunk” and asked me to sit on his face. along with continuous flirting  and messages saying ‘yum’ and [emojis] and more.”

Ben then added:

“going after young and developing boys is wrong and manipulative. Caleb King has almost 1 million followers throughout his social media platforms. please be aware of who you are choosing to support.”

Ben also tweeted a rebuttal when a Twitter used pointed Caleb’s claims of them sexting his high school by writing:

“completely untrue. we never sexted at all. plus even let’s say we did.. he was 17/18 at the time “sexting” with a 14 year old. i never expressed interest in him. infact, you can see from this that when he was flirting, I shut it down.”

On 8th July 2020, Caleb responded to the allegation by apologizing for his predatory behavior. In his response, he also opened about having an unhealthy relationship with sex as a sexual assault victim.

On 9th July 2020, Caleb issued another written statement via TikTok. He wrote:

“These events were 4 and 5 years ago — since then, I have grown, changed, and developed into a more mature and aware person, and I will continue my growth journey away from social media as Ben and Luke requested. These posts will be up for a few days then I will be deactivating for the foreseeable future.”

After the allegations against him first surfaced, Caleb consciously deactivated his Facebook and Twitter.

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