Being hated for an issue where the haters aren’t sure whether the one is involved or not is a whole different thing about the internet and TikTok star Brooke Schofield has firsthand knowledge of it.

Ever since her best friend Tana Mongeau revealed that one of Tana’s best friends cheated on her with her ex-boyfriend, Brooke has been ravaged by the TikTok community, mostly Tana’s fans.

So who is this Brooke Schofield, scroll down to learn more about her.

Brooke Schofield Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Brooke Schofield turned 23 years old while celebrating her birthday in November 2020. Like every other year, she celebrated her birthday this year with new excitement on 27 November.

Based on her date of birth, she is a Sagittarius.

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Brooke Schofield Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Hometown

Brooke Schofield was born to her parents: Shawn and Fawn Schofield.

Although born in Tuscon, Arizona, Brooke grew up in Pheonix, Arizona. What’s more, she grew up under the guardianship of her parents.

As for her siblings, Brooke has a brother named Devan Crosby and 2 sisters: Tori Coates and Megan Lloyd.

Height, Weight, Measurements

Delving into details on Brooke Schofield’s physical appearance, she is a beautiful blonde lady with an attractive face. Her diamond-shaped face and blue eyes make her even more beautiful.

In addition to that, Brooke flaunts her measurements of 36-26-37 inches. Allegedly, she went through a few plastic surgeries including the one on her lips and her breasts.

Moreover, Brooke elevates tall at an average height o 5 feet 5.5 inches (1.66 meters). In the same way, she weighed about 57 kilograms (125 lbs).

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok

Instagram gave a huge platform to the up and coming and Brooke is also one of them leveraging all the benefits. She earned a total of 43.4k followers in total.

Likewise, she is also present on Facebook but hasn’t posted anything ever. However, she doesn’t seem to own an Instagram account as of this writing.

Brooke Schofield Net Worth, Career, Job

Brooke Schofield made herself popular with the help of TikTok. Plus she was friends with another TikTok star Tana Mongeau. She reportedly earned $50 to $80 per sponsored post.

Before that, Brooke worked at a restaurant popular among the celebrity. While she had the job of a hostess there, she attended several celebrities.

When she saw another TikToker using their celebrity diner experience on their TikTok, a desire to follow the theme hit her. She went on to post the dining habits of prominent figures in the entertainment industry including Kylie Jenner, Drake, Hailey, Justin Bieber, Sheri Sterling, mother of Addison Rae, and a few notable others.

Brooke analyzed all aspects and rated the artists and influencers. Among the low scorer was Easterling who scored less for her behavior towards the staff of the restaurant.

Other than building a career in social media, Brooke also delved into the career of starring in movies. Hook, Line, Sinker, and Leave Him in the Dust are among the ones that made her famous.

Meanwhile. Brooke pocketed a total net worth not more than $100 thousand as of this writing.

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Brooke Schofield Dating History, Boyfriends

Brooke Schofield has been extremely professional when it was to a career in social media sites. She never revealed any details on her past love life.

While penning this wiki-article based on Brooke Schofield’s life, her ex-boyfriends escape public knowledge. Plus, as beautiful as she is, assuming her to be actively dating in the past couldn’t come as a surprise.

About Brooke Schofield Mod Sun, Tana Mongeau, Cheating

Another TikTok star Tana Mongeau went on to post a video where she claimed one of her best friends is cheating on her with her ex-boyfriend. However, she never revealed any names based on those allegations.

However, the internet is ever-ready to hate on anybody for free and Brooke Schofield got dragged into the drama. The social media speculated between Mod Sun and Josh Grekin but is not sure at the moment who is involved with one of the best friends of Brooke.

But it didn’t take long for the internet to deduce Brooke to be the culprit. However, Tana used the name “Mindy” to address her best friend.

Still, nothing could stop the fans of Tana to go on a rampage on Brooke’s social media accounts since the rumor. But, Brooke went on TikTok to reveal she isn’t involved with any of Tana’s exes.

But, there are also plenty of people who stood by the side of Brooke while she received hate comments during this commotion. They claimed whoever it is, Brooke for sure isn’t that “Mindy” everyone assumed her to be.

So did Brooke Schofield actually cheated on Tana Mongeau with one of her exes?

For the answers, we are going to have to wait for how the TikTok drama will pan out till the end of it.

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