HGTV’s reality star Brandon Hatmaker and his wife Jennifer King Hatmaker attracted public attention after Jen spoke about the trouble her family was going through. While most speculated Brandon cheating on Jen, others made assumptions regarding health issues in the Hatmaker family.

But, neither of the pair spoke openly regarding the issue which troubled their family. Bradon and Jen initially gained prominence as a TV show guest and went on to have their shows.

This wiki article is built around the life of Brandon Hatmaker and a brief discussion about his life, so delve in to learn more about him.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Brandon Hatmaker was born on 15 July 1972. He turned 48 years while celebrating his birthday in July of 2020.

Per his date of birth, he hailed Cancer as his zodiac sign.

Brandon Hatmaker Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Education

Brandon Hatmaker was born to his unidentified parents in Colorado. As of the time of penning this article, no further information has been shared on his mother and father.

Moreover, that also included details on his possible siblings along with other family members.

Talking about his education, Brandon attended Oklahoma Baptist University (OBU). In 1995, he graduated from the same earning his bachelor’s degree in arts.

Brandon Hatmaker Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Brandon Hatmaker stands at a towering height of 6 feet (1.82 meters) while he weighed 87 kilograms (191lbs) at the same time.

Moreover, he inked multiple tattoos on his both hands, chest among a few others on multiple spots on his body. Plus, this with a bald head and a beard with his sizable physique gave him an intimidating appearance that stood out as his distinct features.

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Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB

Along with thriving fame as a pastor, Brandon’s social media following escalated with time. His Instagram account boasted a total of 34k followers as of Sept. 2020.

Likewise, his verified Twitter account earned him 41.5k followers at the same time.

Moreover, Brandon also entertained a huge following on his Facebook page. The page boasted a total of 42,270 followers at the time of penning this article.

Brandon Hatmaker Net Worth, Job, HGTV

Brandon Hatmaker never revealed if he took a job immediately after finishing college or what else he did to make ends meet. But since 2010, he became an author with Harper Collins.

As of the time of this writing, Brandon had published two books namely Barefoot Church: Serving the Least in a Consumer Culture (2012), and A Mile Wide: Trading Shallow Religion for a Deeper Faith (2016).

All the inspiration for him to be a religious and spiritual writer sprouted along with his career as a pastor. He hailed from Austin New Church where he does gods work along with other members of his family.

Brandon and his wife Jen Hatmaker founded and managed Legacy Collective, a charitable organization.

Besides that, the pair earned prominence after they were featured on HGTV for a show. After the post of Jen about a burned-out family gained traction, HGTV tracked the pair after their TV show appearances.

HGTV invited the Hatmaker family to discuss a potential show based on their family. The network provided all of the creative freedom to the family.

Brandon and his family debuted on their show Your Big Family Renovation in 2014 on HGTV. In the show, the Hatmakers assisted a large family with renovation for the extra space the family needed.

Besides, Brandon also starred on other TV shows such as Brother vs Brother and Tiny House.

As of 2020, Bradon Hatmaker boasted a total net worth of 1.8 million dollars.

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Brandon & Jen Hatmaker: Dating, Married, Kids

Now Brandon’s love life, he met Jennifer King at the OBU in 1992 when she arrived as a freshman while he was a college junior. The pair first stumbled on each other in the cafeteria when Brandon pretended running into Jen as he “needed” a fork.

Closing towards graduation, Brandon and Jen tied knots on 30 December 1993. The couple set an example of the best couple and successful marriage as they’ve been going strong for over three decades.

Brandon and his wife graduated from college after marriage, and they lived in several places like Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and Colorado. Finally, the pair settled in Austin and founded a church.

The married pair aggressively dedicated themselves to charity work along with the work in the church. They went on to have three sons, Caleb, Gavin, and Ben, and also had two daughters Sydney and Remy.

Among the bunch, they had adopted Remy and Ben from Ethiopia. Both Brandon and Jen also spoke about how difficult it is for their adopted children due to the racial aggressiveness that existed in the US.

After one of her daughters revealed to be a lesbian, they showed support and compassion. However, they along with other members faced criticism and harassment. The pair has been a supportive parent and for that, they have earned a fair share of admiration and criticism.

In 2020, Jennifer went on her social media to share her having trouble in her family and she concluded it to be the reason behind her absence on social media platforms. Whereas, the internet made several speculations regarding her marriage.

Jen And Brandon Hatmaker Divorce

In late-August 2020, Jen Hatmaker filed court documents seeking a divorce from Brandon. However, she didn’t announce the news until 6th September 2020.

Via Facebook, Jen wrote — “I don’t know how to say this, and I still cannot believe I am even saying it, but Brandon and I are getting divorced”.

She continued — “Although the details are ours alone, this was completely unexpected, and I remain stunned as we speak. I am shocked, grief-stricken, and broken-hearted.”

Additionally, Jen asked the public to respect their privacy.

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