Former Belgian politician Bernard Wesphael soared into popularity after he was accused of murdering his wife Veronique Pirotton. The trial which was publicized on a larger scale received attention from all over. In March 2021, Netflix created Under Suspicion: Uncovering the Wespahel Case to tell the story of the incident. So, to know more about the politician himself, scroll down this Bernard Wesphael Wiki.

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Bernard Wesphael Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Bernard Wesphael was born on 25 September 1958. He turned 62 years old while celebrating his birthday in September of 2020. Based on that information, Bernard Wesphael owned Libra as his zodiac sign.

Bernard Wesphael Wikipedia — Nationality, Family, Education

Bernard Wesphael was born to his anonymous parents in Waremme, Belgium. As reported by La Libre, his father was a miner at the Chênée colliery. Later, his father pursued a career as a civil servant. Being born in Belgium, Bernard is recognized as Belgian nationality. Other than that, no information surfaced on his family members. However, he has a sister named Isabelle Wesphael. She worked as an educational coordinator for Haute Ecole Charlemagne.

Furthermore, Bernard never opened up about his education and academic qualifications. But, for a politician, he must’ve attended college in Belgium.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Bernard Wesphael has several distinct features that make him stand out. He was never seen with facial hair since he often preferred clean shaved features. Whereas, he is a double-chinned man with distinct cheekbones and plumpy cheeks. Moreover, Bernard stands tall at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters) and had a bodyweight of 81 kilograms (178 lbs) as of this writing.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Bernard Wesphael is only on a few of the social media platforms. He owned a Facebook profile where he has been active since October of 2013. Likewise, his profile could be discovered on Twitter that earned him 1034 followers as of this writing.

About Bernard Wesphael Political Career

Before Bernard Wesphael pursued a career in politics, at the age of 16, he left his family home and enlisted in the army. However, his mutiny and indisciplined nature got his title revoked and sent him back home packing.

Following that, Bernard left and resided in a community in the Cevennes. He then returned to his hometown and became an educator. It was around the time, the idea to form a political party named Ecolo sprouted within him. In 1982, his party was elected for three aldermen in Liege.

Later in 1987, Bernard earned his first term as provincial councilor. Whereas in 1999, he became the head of the regional list followed by winning the election that got him into Walloon Parliament. Again in 2004, he got re-elected in the Wallon Parliament as a deputy.

However, his popularity started declining but that didn’t stop him from running for Ecolo’s co-presidency in 2003. However, he faced an unexpected loss during that period. Furthermore, he again got re-elected in 2009.

In 2009, Bernard also won the Ecolo group leadership in the Walloon Parliament. Following that, in 2012, he again ran for co-presidency of the Green party and again finished last. Three weeks after the losing co-presidency, he left the Ecolo party.

However, the Party of Labor of Belgium tried to win Bernard over to their party. But, Bernard. instead of joining any party, decided to form his own named the Left Movement. Not long after, he announced quitting from the Left Movement and officially quit in 2014.

In 2018, Bernard represented himself at the municipal elections and finished 63rd out of 96 candidates.

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Bernard Wesphael Now, Case, Wife

Bernard Wesphael was caught by the police on 1 November 2013, just a few weeks after he decided to quit politics. He was brought into custody for the allegations of murdering his wife, Veronique Pirotton. As the autopsy result on 31 October revealed she died of violent death, the Belgian politician had become the prime suspect.

Bernard, however, spoke against the reports claiming he had nothing to do with his wife’s murder. Rather, he claimed that he had found her unconscious in the bathroom. As Veronique had a history of several suicide attempts, Bernard assumed that his wife took her life suffocating with a plastic bag.

The trial of Bernard began in 2016 after he was called back for custody.

A second autopsy test brought a new perspective where she died from a combination of drugs and alcohol consumption. However, the fact that she was asphyxiated stayed intact. But since the possibility to release Bernard based on the autopsy report wasn’t enough, he didn’t receive bail in 2014. But, the jury couldn’t convict him beyond a reasonable doubt in 2016.

In 2016, Bernard also published a book titled Assasin. 3 years later, he appealed for compensation and got turned down. A panel of jurists awarded Wesphael compensation of €83,150, €159 every day of 299 days he had spent in prison in October of 2020.

Later, Bernard also demanded €290,000. But the amount he received was an exception as only an average of €5,500 was fixed as the compensation for wrongful prison in the system.

Bernard Wesphael Daughters

Bernard Wesphale is reportedly a father of three daughters: Saphia Wesphale (born in 1993), Elsa Wesphale (born in 2019), and Femy Wesphale (born in 2007). About his daughter, Acia Laneva is the mother of Saphia, Femy was born to Yelonisse, and Elsa from his relationship with a nurse.

Moreover, Acia and Bernard met each other in 1991 at a gathering in Greece of the Federation of Young European Ecologists. They lived together for 8 years. Acia Laneva was a member of the Green Party in Bulgaria.

As for Saphia, she worked as a columnist for LN24.

His other relationship with Yelonisse gave him his second daughter Femy. Bernard and Yelonisse met each other in 2003 through a mutual friend.

About his relationship with Veronique, they married in 2012 in Tuscany. They met each other three months before their marriage when she worked as a journalist.

In December of 2019, Bernard re-married secretly with a 34-year old nurse. Together, they welcomed Elsa Wesphael in June of 2019.

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