In Feb 2021, Disney+ premiered its latest super-hero flick titled “Flora & Ulysses”. In the movie, child actor Matilda Lawler starred in the titular role. Meanwhile, another young actor Benjamin Evan Ainsworth portrayed a supporting character.

This Benjamin Evan Ainsworth wiki enlists facts about the child actor including his parents, height, and net worth. What’s more, it delves into his nationality, siblings, and acting credits.

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Benjamin Evan Ainsworth Age, Birthday, Zodiac

In 2020, Benjamin Evan Ainsworth touched the age of 10. Meanwhile, he celebrated his 10th birthday on 13th October 2020.

Because of his date of birth, Benjamin is a Libra. South Korean pop-star, Jimin is his birthday buddy.

Benjamin Evan Ainsworth Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Nationality

Hailing from Yorkshire, Benjamin possesses a British passport. More on his nationality:  Yorkshire is formally known as the County of York. Located in Northern England, it is the largest county in the United Kingdom.

Also, Northern, American -Standard, RP, and Scottish are some of the accents mastered by Benjamin.

On his Instagram, Benjamin once shared a photo of his younger sister. The Ainsworth siblings’ parents, meanwhile, remained mystery figures.

Benjamin’s mother and father were yet to make an appearance on his IG. That said, either of the two monitored the young actor’s social media presence.

Clearly, Benjamin’s parents are supportive of his acting endavours. Otherwise, they wouldn’t let him pursue the craft at such a young age.

Benjamin Evan Ainsworth Height, Distinct Features

According to Mark Jenkin Management, Benjamin was above 4 feet 8 inches in height. Taken before he was 11, many predicted the stats to rise once the actor hit his teenage years.

To mention his distinct features, Benjamin possesses blue eyes. Moreover, his hair color is brown.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Benjamin wasn’t easily available on both Facebook and Twitter, as of 2021. Either he hadn’t created profiles or he was under on the platforms separate usernames.

On Instagram, Benjamin enjoyed around 47 thousand followers. There, she shared photos from the set of his latest projects.

Benjamin Evan Ainsworth Net Worth, Movies, TV Shows

By 2021, Benjamin Evan Ainsworth’s reported net worth soared beyond $150 thousand.

In 2018, Benjamin made his silver-screen debut by appearing in the TV show “Emmerdale Farm”. Playing one of the school kids, he appeared in an episode titled 1.8125.

2 years later, Benjamin starred as Jacob in the short film “The Recycling Man”.

Also in the year 2020, Benjamin landed his biggest role to date as he appeared in the 8 episodes of “The Haunting of Bly Manor”. In the mini TV series, he played the character named Miles.

Before making it big as a TV and movie star, Benjamin honed his talents on stage. In 2018, he played the character, William Beech, in “Goodnight Mister Tom”.

His Role On Flora & Ulysses

While everyone agreed that his co-star Matlida Lawler was the breakout star from “Flora & Ulysses,” Benjamin also had memorable moments in the Disney film.

One of those instances featuring Benjamin includes his temporarily rendered blind character, William Spiver claiming that he pushed his stepfather’s car into a lake out of frustration.

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