With the news that the co-creator and star of BrvoTV’s Married to Medicine Mariah Huq not returning to the show, fans have been concerned. Ever since the announcement, her husband, Aydin Huq has recaptured the attention of fans.

Scroll down as we explore different aspects of the life of Dr. Aydin Huq.

Aydin Huq Age, Birthday, Zodiac

On 19 October, Aydin Huq celebrates his birthday every year. He turned 45 years old in October 2020.

Moreover, Aydin is a Libra-native and secured character traits such as romantic, softness, and gentleness.

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Aydin Huq Bio — Ethnicity, Family, Hometown

Aydin Mominuul Huq was born to his anonymous parents. Besides a few snaps on his social media, almost no information has been shared on his mother and father.

Furthermore, Aydin and his family are of Bangladeshi-American ethnicity. As per, his family members include Farijana Huq, Nasrin Sultana Huq, Amber N Huq, Mohammed T Huq, and Mohammed Mahfuzul Huq.

Also, Aydin hailed from his hometown in Bangladesh. Whereas, he is currently residing in Georiga and lived in several places including Stockbridge, Riverdale, and Fairburn.

His Health, Illness, Height

Aydin Huq stands tall at a height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters). He has a receding hairline with a dark brown complexion making him a standout among the most.

In June 2018, Dr. Aydin Huq was hospitalized which Mariah Huq shared on her Instagram. Based on the post, she never revealed the nature of the illness he was dealing with.

Furthermore, Mariah gave further updates on Aydin’s health condition with a post where she captioned “He’s Baaacckkk!” She revealed that along with feeling all better, he also started filming shows.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Aydin Huq found fame as a reality star that helped increase the number of followers on his social media. As of Jan 2021, his Instagram account earned 5839 followers in total where he made 52 posts.

Likewise, his Twitter account garnered 5340 followers where he tweeted and retweeted 402 times in total. Moreover, his Facebook account earned him 1365 followers in total as of this writing.

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Aydin Huq Net Worth, Education, Career

Aydin Huq attended Don Bosco Technical Institute. Following that, he joined Don Bosco Technical High School.

Moreover, Aydin enrolled at Dhaka Medical College and graduated as a class of 1999. He joined Morehouse School of Medicine as an intern where he did a residency in Family Medicine. After earning his residency, he went on to join Emory School of Medicine completed a residency in Emergency Medicine in 2009.

Furthermore, Aydin Huq earned Emergency Medicine certifications at the American Board of Emergency Medicine in 2013.

Aydin started his career at Henry Medical Center. Starting from July of 2009, he joined Emerginet based in Stockbridge, Georgia. He is also affiliated with Piedmont Henry Hospital.

He specialized in Allopathic & Osteopathic Physician. Aydin gained 22 years of diverse experience in total in Emergency Medicine.

But Aydin Huq gained wider fame when he starred in BravoTV’s reality show Married to Medicine. He starred on the show with his wife Mariah Huq. Mariah Huq has been one of the original casts and the creator of the show since the start of the series.

A well-known physician and a husband of a reality star, Aydin’s net worth has been a major concern to many of the fans of the show. However, some of the entertainment news outlets remarked Aydin Huq was worth $4 million.

Aydin & Mariah Huq: Wedding, Kids, Still Together? 

Aydin Huq and Mariah Huq married each other in 2005. Moreover, the couple celebrated their 15th marriage anniversary in March of 2020. The couple went on to have two kids: Lauren Taylor Huq and Ethan Tyler Huq.

Furthermore, the couple stayed happily married for almost half-decade. They fully embraced their mixed-cultural marriage. Mariah has even built a strong connection with his family back in Bangladesh and shares pictures of her in a cultural dress.

On the weekend of their 15th anniversary, they planned to go for a getaway to celebrate their milestone. However, he worked on his off days during the COVID-19 pandemic which Mariah shared on her social media.

In 2014, the married couple was expecting twins. Mariah was pregnant but the complications affected their babies. She suffered a miscarriage that could’ve added happiness two times more into their family of four.

Furthermore, Mariah Huq is a University of Tennessee graduate with a double major in business and communications. She explored a career in media working in TV networks such as WRCB-TV and NBC. She also worked as an associated producer of several TV shows.

Mariah also worked as the Chief Operating Officer of SLEEK. She was also accused of being hooked on a habit of abusing cocaine and recreational drugs to control her erratic behavior.

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