Supporting cast of TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life, Ashley Baynes has a very important role in the life of Whitney Thore, her best friend. She has been by her side in the big moments of Whitney’s life. Now, learn more about Whitney’s bestie with this Ashley Baynes Wiki where we cover the age, job, net worth, and other details.

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Ashley Baynes Age, Birthday

Ashley Baynes celebrates her birthday every year on 24 June. She turned 33 years old while celebrating her birthday in June of 2021.

Ashley Baynes Family, Hometown

Ashley Baynes was born to her mother Lisa Baynes and her anonymous father in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States.

Lisa Baynes hailed from Greensboro, North Carolina, and lived in Southport, North Carolina. She attended Phillips Jr. College from 1989 to 1991. She worked in the management of North Carolina State University from 2004-2013. Lisa served as Pool Polisa Summer Job at Daymark, worked at Stokes County School as Child Nutrition Manager (1993-2016), and Guildford County School as Child Nutrition Manager starting from August of 2016.

On 11 December 2010, Ashley’s mother, Lisa married her stepfather, Dan Baynes. Dan is a musician and director of operations at Murphy Geomatics since 1985.

More about her family, Ashley Baynes has a younger sister named Kayla Baynes who attended Southwest Guildford High School. Kayla lives in Colfax, North Carolina with her one child and her partner.

The other sister is Melinda Rabin who is married to Ed Rabin. Melinda is the step-sister of Ashley and Kayla and the daughter of Lisa Baynes. Melinda worked as  HR and Administrative Assistant at Varco Pruden Buildings and Human Resources Generalist at Hooker Furnishings. Her husband worked as a land surveyor at Murphy Geomatics.

Allegedly, Ashley also has a stepbrother named Christopher Fulk.

Her Height, Did She Contract COVID?

Ashley Baynes stands tall at the height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters). While the rumors of Ashley contracting COVID surfaced on the internet, there existed no precise details on whether she got the Coronavirus or not.

Furthermore, her best friend Whitney Thore addressed that all of her family and friends got the COVID vaccine, so we believe that Ashley also got hers.

Ashley Baynes Weight Loss

From her social media posts to the newest snaps of her, fans of the show noticed Ashley Baynes did lose some weight. However, she is yet to open up about her weight loss diets and exercise routines.

Her Instagram, Facebook

On Facebook, Ashely Baynes posted last time on 23 August 2021. She doesn’t post much on her Facebook and didn’t share any personal information about herself. She had 5,389 followers on the platform.

Ashley on Twitter (@ashdanbay) gathered 1,465 followers and had 31 tweets in total. However, she couldn’t be discovered on Instagram.

Her Appearance On My Big Fat Fabulous Life

If you’ve been keeping up TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life then you must know by now that Ashley Baynes earned her place as the supporting cast because of her direct relationship with Whitney Thore. She is Whitney’s best friend.

The show first appeared launched in 2015 and Whitney got her close friends and family to star in the show, and she has been appearing since day 1. They have been so close that, Whitney even attended the birth of Ashley’s baby in 2018. Whereas, Ashley helped her friend with selecting her wedding dress.

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Ashley Baynes Job: What Does She Do For A Living?

According to Ashley Baynes’s LinkedIn, she enrolled at Eastern Randolph High School to get her high school education. After that, she attended North Carolina State University.

For a year, from 2005-2006, Ashley worked as Retail Sales Manager for Prime Communications. She also worked as Retail Sales Manager for Wireless 1 LLC (AT&T Retailer).

Before that, Ashley also worked for Bath And Body Works and Prime Communications.

There also existed an IMDB page that was linked to her credits for appearing in TLC’s reality show. According to that, she landed the role of Johnny’s daughter in the movie Frankie and Johnny (1991).

Ashley Baynes Net Worth

With her career as a sales manager in retail, Ashley Baynes gathered an estimated net worth of over $200 thousand.

Ashley Baynes And Eric Hadley: Baby, Are They Married?

In the 2018 season of My Big Fat Fabulous Life, one of the main lines of stories was Ashley Baynes getting pregnant, unexpectedly. Due to this, Ashley received comfort from her reality star best friend.

As reported, Ashley’s baby daddy doesn’t want to be on the show. So, even during the pregnancy and when she was about to give birth, he was nowhere to be found. This got fans of the show wondering and questioning about the whereabouts of her baby daddy Eric Hadley on Reddit.

Ashley, who deleted her Instagram, had featured her baby daddy, Eric Hadley multiple times. Eric described him as one of the three favorite things just below their daughter and above food. Though Eric was never on the show, Ashley showed appreciation toward her man on her Instagram on the occasion of their anniversary and his birthdays,

Ashley addressed Eric Hadley as best boyfriend and an incredible father to their daughter. She also wrote that the bond of her baby daughter and her baby daddy makes her heart melt. However, as of Aug 2021, there weren’t reports of them ever getting married.

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