Adriano Zumbo is a pastry chef, famous for his extra-ordinary, hard to replicate dishes in reality shows.

He is one man, many look up to as people have seen him from his rise to fall to again rise. What fall did he bear? How did he manage to get by those falls? To know more, subscribe to the article!

Adriano Zumbo Wife, Girlfriend, Married

As of Nov 2020, Adriano Zumbo was not married when he came across one of his biggest debts in life. But it’s not that, that he didn’t have someone very close to him, during his harsh time.

Adriano’s girlfriend, Nelly Riggo always stood by the man during his lows and highs. Many wondered who Nelly was and how did the two connect?

What could be better than having a partner, who is from the same profession as you are?

That’s all about the couple. Nelly is also a chef, and specifically, a pastry chef. She rose to fame as a competitor in the Seven Network’s original cooking reality series, My Kitchen Rules.

However, it was not where she met Adriano. Back when the lady was a contestant in My Kitchen Rules, she was dating her fellow contestant, JP Huillet.

Nelly and JP dated for 5 years before she got into a relationship with the popular pastry chef. Adriano’s dessert business accepted her job proposal after she has done with her reality show appearance alongside her then-boyfriend.

After Nelly and Adriano started publicly dating in 2017, many people accused her of cheating on her ex-boyfriend.

The lady was strong enough to stand for her love and never trapped herself into the box full of people’s opinions.


Adriano Zumbo with his girlfriend, Nelly Riggio. (Pic-Adriano’s Instagram)

Be it when Adriano was well-to-do in terms of riches, or when his business badly fell, and mounting debt, she was by his side.

As lavish as their dishes are, the love also seems lavish. What more would you want?

So, Adriano Zumbo was all positive about his life with his girlfriend. In one of his 2018 interviews, he said that he wanted to start a family and have 2 kids. Looking at how connected the two are, people often ask if she was his wife. Hopefully, things go well with him, so that soon, he can answer “yes” to the questions regarding Nelly Riggio being his wife.

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Biography Info — Age, Family, Education

Adriano Zumbo reached 39 years of age on his 2020 birthday. He was born on 6th November 1981, in a mixed heritage family.

Australia and Italy were the countries the man grew up in. Maybe his mixed unearthing variation while growing up encouraged him into the world of variety, kitchen.

But no! His family initially wanted him to complete his education. However, his passion for cooking left him with being one of the most famous desserts chefs in Australia, despite being a high school drop-out.

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Adriano Zumbo Net Worth

Adriano Zumbo has been unstoppable. Were it not a kitchen life, his life might have been incomplete.

Soon after realizing his love for cooking, the man went for the training with some famous pastry chefs from Australia and France.

It was during the late 90s when Adriano was already confident with his desserts. He was just a teenager then, and later with his early experiences, he went to own several Australian patisseries.

Adriano’s 2009 appearance in the Celebrity MasterChef Australia changed the game for him. Although he was already established in the business, he became a public face after his MasterChef appearance.

Moreover, Adriano’s MasterChef appearance introduced two new dishes to the world. Or if not the new dishes, the new styles.

His “croquembouche tower” became the evergreen famous dish in the show. Also, his other creations, “V8 vanilla cake” and “fairytale house” were among the most famous ones.

Besides his guest appearances in the MasterChef, Adriano also did several other TV series. In 2014, he appeared for one episode of the popular talk show The Living Room

Similarly, on TV-14 he was offered to judge show, Zumbo’s Just Desserts in 2016.

Likewise, in 2018, Adriano started judging Sugar Rush, the Netflix series alongside Candace Nelson.

Not always are things as perfect as they sound. Adriano was busy with his reality shows, and restaurants when the near $10 million debt hit him.

As per the reports, the debt came to him because his dessert houses paid no tax for a long time.

Adriano sold many of his properties including his Balmain house, which was for $1.7 million.

Although the time brought to him an unthought-of situation, Adriano Zumbo already had a net worth of about $5 million.

Moreover, Andriano is constantly working and seems to be in the no mindset to give up despite the hardships.

Be it from his pastry business or his reality shows, he still earns a great amount, and would no doubt make it big again, his fans believe.

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Adriano Zumbo Height, Tattoo, With Hair

Although Adriano Zumbo’s actual height remained a secret, some online outlets claimed he stretched above 6 feet.

More about his physical features, the man has a Willy Wonka tattoo on his forearm. During his reality shows, he mostly appeared with all shaven hair.

So his fans wonder how, did the man look with hair?

Here’s a glimpse of how he looked with hair!

An old picture of chef Adriano Zumbo with hair. (Pic- Not Quite Nigella)

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