Written off as too old to race full-time and too old for a fourth Indianapolis 500 win, just as the way FOX 35 Orlando puts it, Hélio Castroneves, at last, has been pronounced the fourth-oldest winner in Indianapolis 500 history!

Hélio won the Indy 500 auto race for the fourth time on May 30, 2021. Previously, he had taken home the trophy in 2001, 2002, and 2009.

For a decade, he was desperate for this win. In fact, for him, winning for the fourth time was not everything but the only thing, just as the way, they say it in sports. Back in 2013, the Legendary race car driver had said he would even give up sex for a year to win a fourth Indy 500.

So, amid the recent victory, below is writing concerning Adriana Henao who is the happiest of all people in Hélio’s winning.

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Adriana Henao Age

Adriana Henao is Hélio Castroneves’s love of life. Seeming a couple of years his junior, she turned 40 years of age before 2021.

Also, her birthday i.e. the 17th of September makes her supposedly reserved, sensitive, and artistic.

Adriana Henao Nationality

Adriana Henao was born in Columbia, officially the Republic of Colombia which is a country in South America (with territories in North America). She is therefore a Columbian. However, though she continued living in Fort Lauderdale, in the U.S. state of Florida, with Hélio. (Hélio, born in Sao Paulo, Brazil, is a Brazilian.)

Her Height

Appearing much younger than her age, Adriana Henao in her model-like features stands to a height that is fewer inches shorter than Hélio’s 5′ 8″ or 1.73 meters.

Her Instagram, Facebook

In addition to a personal account on Twitter, Adriana also ran business accounts professionally on Facebook and Instagram.

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Adriana Henao Job

Adriana Henao has been running her clothing brand BePlumah.

A self-proclaimed “Mother Daughter Pajamas”, the business line claims to supporting children and empowering them to explore, create and realize their ideas. So, sticking to the theme of her project, Adriana has also got her young daughter involved in it.

During the quarantine followed by the COVID pandemic, BePlumah focused on Mikaella’s creative process to create new products.

BePlumah writes on its website: Mikaella loves crafts and wanted to make a line of pajamas. So, they put her ideas on paper and as a result, she was the one who made a large part of their designs which you may explore imprinted on their recent women and kids PJ collection on the merch store.

Further, Adriana is also proudly in partnership with the owner of YULY 360.

This way Adriana saved more than $2 million net worth by herself (before May 2021) while also being entitled to Hélio’s long ago (2012) reported $40 million.

When Adriana Henao is not busy being a mother or a wife, she runs marathons. And so it’s true that their spirit as athletes brought her and Hélio together in the first place.

Anyway, notably in 2014, she had competed in the New York City Marathon.

And back in 2013, during an interview with Hélio, a conversation about Adriana came up and the host introduced her as the “gorgeous actress Adriana Henao.”

At one time Hélio also told USA Today Sports just how proudest he is of his dedicated and committed “Adry.” He explained she is just as bright in training and fundraising. In fact, he dropped she was the one who supported his IndyCar racing career for so long. And that he was glad he could do the same for her tomorrow.

Hélio Castroneves And Adriana Henao: Daughter, Married Yet?

While several media news have been telling its people Adriana Henao and Hélio Castroneves have not been married yet, IndyStar. reported otherwise on May 27, 2018.

Covering a story about Hélio’s then Indy 500 crash, they mentioned Adriana as the Team Penske IndyCar driver’s ‘wife’. They also shared a glimpse from the day showing a still smiling Hélio following “the worst finish of his career at the Indianapolis 500” and by his side was concerned-appearing Adriana.

Anyways, they tied the knot privately and before at least May 2018 and they were engaged by 2015. However, their relationship goes back a long long way. Together they have a daughter named Mikaella who turned 11 on Dec. 28, 2020. And for this reason only, Hélio also adorably calls Adriana ‘mommy’.


The family celebrates Mikaella’s eleventh birthday (PIC: Helio’s IG)

From time to time, Hélio fans can expect him to share with them his adorable family moments. And from occasions including Valentine’s Day and birthdays, they can tell he is a dotted husband and father.

On Sep. 22, 2018, the family reputable visited The White House. They were hosted by none other than then vice president Jonah Ryan himself.

And a year before, they went on a vacation in Japan and wore the country’s most famous kimonos.

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