Zeke Tenhoff is a reality star who came into limelight after making appearances as one of the members Discovery Channel’s reality series “Bering Sea Gold.”

In this article, discover more about Zeke from his personal to professional life!

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Coming from Alaska, Zeke Tenhoff was born In 1987. As of 2020, it was not known when his birthday fell. However, everyone knew that Zeke celebrated his 32nd birthday in 2019. As of 2020, he was 33 years old.

Meanwhile, his birth date remained hidden. So did his Zodiac sign.

Zeke Tenhoff Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Hometown

The Alaskan native was raised by his anonymous parents in his hometown. Meanwhile, Zeke had not mentioned much about his parents as well as about siblings (if he had any).

According to, Zeke was home-schooled due to which he missed out on the things that happen in a public school.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Zeke Tenhoff stands at an attractive height of six feet (1.82 meters) while maintaining a weight of 82 kilograms of his lean body.
More about his distinct features: Zeke has a brunette hair color and brown eyes. He also flaunts a charming face with a beard and mustache covered.

Zeke Tenhoff Best Friend’s Death, Depression, Addiction

2012 became a bad phase in Zeke’s life as he suffered heartbreak after his best friend John Bunce committed suicide.
After his best friend’s death, Zeke was at a great loss, and to ease the pain he turned to substance abuse.
During this low period, Zeke winded up in New Orleans. It was there where the reality star crossed paths with Sarah Dunn who helped him a lot get his life back together.

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Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, Facebook

While talking about Zeke Tenhoff’s social media reach — he seemed only active on Facebook and Twitter.
On his Facebook account under the name Bering “Sea Gold Zeke Tenhoff,” Zeke possessed more than 6K followers.
Despite having thousands of supporters, Zeke also had some haters who send him nasty messages. However, Zeke never let those comments affect him.

Zeke Tanhoff posts a hate comment he received (Photo: Zeke Tenhoff’s Facebook)

On Twitter, Zeke garnered around 1.8K followers (June 2020).

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Zeke Tenhoff Net Worth, Bering Sea Gold, Businesses

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Zeke Tenhoff had made a net worth of $100K from his career.
Let’s talk a sneak peek of his career. Growing up, Zeke learned to be independent and be a boss of himself which he succeeded. Soon, he appeared in reality series “Bering Sea Gold” where viewers watched him face a lot of drama while trying to survive.
On more than one occasion, Zeke and other members had to survive below-freezing temperatures and icy waters. They also faced some real hardships to look for the next big load of gold.
Other than his reality series appearance, Zeke also owned “The Clark” while being an excellent diver. However, the detractors argued he was not very skilled at managing the crew and his business.

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Zeke Tenhoff Girlfriend, Dating, Relationship

Moving away from his bio, career, and net worth, let’s have a look at Zeke Tenhoff’s love life. He previously dated Emily Riedel before getting into a relationship with Sarah Dunn.

  • Emily Riedel

Zeke and Emily Riedel first met when they started doing the gold mining business together. Soon their business relationship turned into romance and the two began dating. They did business together smoothly and whenever Zeke went through financial crisis Emily was always there to help and manage his business.

However, their relationship turned sour after they had some arguments and disagreements. Zeke and his now-former girlfriend ended their relationship but remained business partners.

  • Sarah Dunn

Later, Zeke Tenhoff began dating Sarah Dunn whom he met during his difficult time. Yes! she is the one who helped him to cope up with his best friend’s death and get back to his life normal.

However, Zeke and girlfriend Sarah didn’t flaunt or talk about their relationship in public.

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