Wan Kim is the CEO and Chairman of Smoothie King and he appeared on CBS’s Undercover Boss. He started the franchise of the company in South Korea in 2003 and within a decade he expanded in 100+ locations.

Ever since the announcement, people have directed their attention towards details on who he was and details on his life and career. Well, we’ve managed to put together a wiki-article based on what we could unearth on him, so scroll down to learn more about him.

Wan Kim Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Wan Kim shared the media spotlight ever since he took over the prestigious position of CEO of Smoothie King. But, he preferred keeping personal details away from media attention.

A man in his ’40s, he never went into details regarding his birthday. Owing to that, his exact age and date of birth remain anonymous to many which included his zodiac sign.

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Wan Kim Wiki — Family, Heritage, Hometown

Wan Kim was born to his anonymous parents and belongs to the Korean-American ethnic group. While his details on his mother remain anonymous, his father worked at an electronic manufacturing business in South Korea.

Besides that, the man of the Asian heritage avoided divulging any other information which existed in his life. Moreover, Wan Kim preferred keeping info regarding his family a secret, best kept unshared.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Wan Kim is filled with all of the features expected to resemble a stereotypical Asian Guy. He stood at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters), an average height for a Korean citizen, round face, with no clean-cut look and small eyes.

What’s more, Wan’s bodyweight was listed as 76 kilograms (167 lbs) on some of the wiki sites, which sounded reasonable considering his physique.

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Wan Kim On “Undercover Boss”

On 23 October 2020, CBS premiered Undercover Boss, the newest offering from the network. In the show, Wan Kim dressed in disguise with his shoulder-length hair, bushy facial hair, Hawaiian shirt, chinos, and checkered vans working as front line staff.

He mixed himself up to examine the inner workings of his franchise and as he claimed his appreciation for the work grew even more. He made sure the values and culture he tried imparting in the company were followed consistently and thoroughly.

Not only that, but he also got first-hand knowledge about his customer’s feedback towards the service of his company. He performed the tasks of a cashier, cleaning the floor, making smoothies, and a few others.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, Facebook

Surprisingly, Wan Kim couldn’t be located on any of the highly popular social media accounts. And it included IG, Twitter, and Facebook.

However, his company Smoothie King had a verified account with 88.4k followers on Instagram at the time of this writing.

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Wan Kim Net Worth, Salary, CEO Smoothie King

After graduating high school, Wan Kim attended Boston University starting in 1991. He went on to graduate from the University in 1995 with his major in international management, international business.

Following graduation, Wan went on to attend the University of California in Irvine where he earned his masters in business administration in 1998.

Before Wan joined Smoothie King, he helped out his father in his father’s electronic business. But, in 2003 he started his first franchise of Smoothie King in Gangnam-gu Seoul, South Korea, and kicked marking his start into the quick-service business.

Later, Wan expanded his business and opened around 120 locations across South Korea and managed to look after all of the chains. Also, he purchased the company in 2012 and went on to become the global CEO of 1200 locations since 2013.

Drawing inspirations from the figure such as Steve Jobs of Apple and Ju Yung Chung of Hyundai Group, he aimed and strived to make a name of in the fast-food business. The one thing Wan felt proud of about the company since the start was he could take his family every day to Smoothie King for a meal without any second thought.

Other than Smoothie King, he is also a member of YPO at Dallas, Texas since 2016. Following that, he went on to become a member of Good Food Holdings, LLC starting from January 2019. (Ultram)

Wan Kim stacked a total net worth of at least $3 million. Meanwhile, the CEO of Smoothie King pocketed over $200K salary p.a.

Wan Kim Wife, Married, Kids

As Wan Kim suggested in a few of his interviews, he is definitely married and has a couple of kids. However, he never bothered getting into details on any of his wife.

So as of October of 2020, Wan Kim’s wife and kids remain a mystery.

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