Vairrun Strickland shot into popularity as he joined the reality TV show The Lost Resort as one of its cast. The Lost Resort helps its members dive into the world of wellness with the help of various experts which Vairrun is very excited for.

As a firefighter, Vairrun is often forced to keep his emotions at a distance and Vairrun badly wanted to join The Lost Resort because he believed it will benefit his mindset.

In the article below laid out in a wiki-style format, learn more about Vairrun’s life–from his general wikis to net worth to his relationship status.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Firefighter Vairrun is a big-time travel freak. Vairrun started traveling places after his first birthday, only that time he traveled with his whole family.

Vairrun Strickland was born in the year 1982, thus his age as of August 2020 is 38. There is no information on his zodiac as of yet.

Vairrun Strickland Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Hometown

Vairrun Strickland has a lot of respect for the two beautiful souls — his parents — that gave birth to him. The love is constantly reflected through his behavior, moreover through his tattoos too which will get to later.


Vairrun wishes a happy birthday to his mom on May 11, 2020.

There is no information about his siblings. Nor is there any information about his hometown.

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Vairrun Strickland Height, Weight, Tattoos

Vairrun Strickland is a guy of big stature. With his towering height of 6 feet (1.828 meters), Vairrun won the hearts of many girls. What’s more, his weight of 96 kilograms perfectly complements his height.

Vairrun’s got many tattoos carved on his body. The excellent tattoos in his body were pulled off by the Suluape clan of the Samoa region. What makes those tattoos special for Vairrun is that they have a unique connection to his family.

Vairrun is very concerned about his physical health. That is why he can be found mostly in the gym if he is not working.

Social Media Reach: IG, Twitter, FB

Vairrun must remain active in social media for a multitude of reasons. The first and foremost reason is to remain in touch with his loyal fans.

Vairrun seems to have a decent social media reach through his IG handle and Twitter account. As of Aug 2020, he’s got 2,329 followers on Instagram and 98 followers on Twitter.

He is not available on Facebook yet.

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Vairrun Strickland Net Worth, Job, Education

Vairrun joined The Lost Resort, taking a break from his regular work as a firefighter. He works as a firefighter in the Markham region of Chicago.

For Vairrun, becoming a firefighter was not pre-planned. After he acquired a bachelor’s degree in urban planning, he was searching for jobs in the Chicago area. From a friend of his, he learned that the Chicago Fire Department was hiring some people, so he applied there and got selected.

His job of a firefighter often forces him to disconnect from his emotion. Vairrun believes the time at The Lost Resort will be crucial to him as he will learn more about emotions, its roots, and ways to handle different kinds of emotions.

One interesting thing about Vairrun is that in 2018, he sued the Chicago Police Department. After several members of a Black Empowerment Group, which included Vairrun too, were found cleaning up garbage in a local neighborhood, the Chicago Police had them arrested.

Vairrun believed they did nothing that was against that law and sued the whole Chicago Police Department.

Vairrun has been one of the mental health victims once. That is why he is such a great advocate for mental health. In the past, he dealt with anxiety attacks and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Fortunately, Vairrun found ways to cope with his mental health issues.

Throughout his career, Vairrun Strickland for sure earned respect and praise but more importantly, he earned some money too. He is estimated to have a net worth of $850 thousand.

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Vairrun Strickland Wife, Girlfriend, Partner

Vairrun Strickland, as of 2020, had been excellent at keeping his personal life away from the public. Looking at his Instagram profile, Vairrun did not have any girlfriend.

So does that mean he is single? Vairrun might also be in the minority of celebrities who don’t want their relationship life to be in front of everyone. Who knows, he might be having a partner or a wife, but he was keeping it secret.

However, until Vairrun himself did not speak a word about his relationship life, there could be no solid conclusions.

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