After Erika Jayne went public regarding the affair between her husband Tom Girardi and Presiding Justice Tricia A. Bigelow, the latter became the center of focus.

Tricia spent over 35 years building her career in law. Let’s delve into this wiki to know more about her family and the affair along with her career and net worth.

Tricia A. Bigelow Age, Birthday

According to unconfirmed reports, Tricia A. Bigelow was born in either late-50s or early-60s. Thus, her age in 2020 was the late-50s.

Info about her birthday and age was not public.

Tricia A. Bigelow Wiki — Family, Hometown, Education

Tricia Ann Bigelow was born to her father retired Los Angeles Superior Court Judge M. Ross Bigelow and her mother Janet Bigelow. She hailed from her hometown of Long Beach, California.

More on her parents: M. Ross earned prominence as a fair and scholarly judge. He often lectured before the National Trial Judges College and the Californian Trial Judges College. Whereas, her mother was a school teacher.

Talking about her family, Tricia Bigelow has three other siblings namely, Becky Rice, Jean Shedlock, and James Bigelow who lives in Driggs, Idaho.

Sadly, after the death of Janet’s mother in 1965, her father married for the second time and three other step kids with his second wife.

Tricia lost her father in 2002 at the age of 77 due to complications from congestive heart failure in Temecula, California.

Tricia’s legal education began at an early age. During her teenage years, she grew up bonding with her father based on the stories which he shared regarding the case he was dealing with.

After completing high school, Tricia enrolled at California State University. She graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. Later, her desire to become a prosecutor led her to Pepperdine Law School.

Tricia earned her J.D. in 1986.

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Height, Weight

A smart woman standing an average height, Tricia A. Bigelow is 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters). Whereas, she weighed about 64 kilograms (141 lbs) as last time listed on public records.

Moreover, her ’90s hairstyle is one of the distinct features that made her stand out among the rest.

Tricia A. Bigelow Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

A brief search on the internet suggested that Tricia A. Bigelow might not be very interested in being on social media. She was nowhere to be found including on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Education, Career, Net Worth

Tricia A. Bigelow, a successful lawyer, credits it all to her father for influencing her. However, it wouldn’t do her justice if she is not credited for putting in all the hard work as a student of Law.

At the time when she focused on Journalism, Tricia worked at Bobby McGee’s an old restaurant themed as part-eating and part theatre. She along with her co-workers dressed in different costumes while she dressed as a cowgirl with boots, a stick pony, and a lighter that looked like a gun.

While there, Tricia learned the art of public speaking and presentation.

However, after graduating from Pepperdine, she went on to join the criminal division of the California Attorney General’s office in her hometown of Los Angeles.

Tricia spent nine years of her career working in the same and ranked up to become Supervising Deputy Attorney General and Trial Coordinator. She also joined the Special Prosecution Unit created to supervise the complex cases.

Tricia is also remembered for prosecuting a broker named Mark R. Weinberg for fraud.

Up until 1995, Tricia worked as a Deputy Attorney General and later served in Municipal Court after being hired by Governor Pete Wilson. Later in 1998, she moved to the Supreme Court.

During her 7 years as a Superior Court Judge, she presided long cause criminal trials, the county’s most significant, high profile, and lengthy trials.

Besides her job as a lawyer, Tricia also worked as a seminar leader at the B.E. Witkin Judicial College of California. She went on to become a teacher followed by Associate Dean and then Dean of the Judicial College.

In 2008, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed her as a Presiding Justice Bigelow to the Court of Appeal in 2008. She later took the responsibility of Presiding Justice of Division 8 in 2010.

During her career, Tricia also earned several accolades including the 2014 Judge of the Year and 2015 Justice Bernard Jefferson Award.

During her several decades worth of career, Tricia A Bigelow is estimated to have a net worth of $5 million.

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Tricia A. Bigelow Tom Girardi, Erika Jayne

Lawyer Tom Girardi found himself in a triple-threat lock after his pop singer wife Erika Jayne went public accusing Tricia A Bigelow of having an affair with him.

As of this writing, Tom and singer Erika were on a brink of a divorce. The couple married each other in 2000 after they meet each other in a club where she worked as a waitress.

Erika went on her Instagram to accuse her husband of having an affair with Justice Tricia A Bigelow. Not only that, but Erika also shared a few text messages that the couple exchanged.

Jayne further wrote,

“This is Justice Tricia A. Bigelow. She was f***ing my husband Tom Girardi and he was paying her Saks bill and paying for her plastic surgery.”

But Erika deleted the post afterward.

Who Is Tricia A. Bigelow Husband Now?

Before her romance with Tom Girardi, Tricia A. Bigelow was engaged to be married to her potential husband Terrance J Manning. The couple’s engagement caught the public attention and was covered in the LA Times.

The couple announced their engagement while on vacation in Washington D.C. and they planned on getting married next summer.

As for Terrance AKA Terry Manning, he spent 33 years with the LA City Fire Department and owned the position of assistant chief.

Besides her affair with Tom Girardi, no information on her marriage and husband caught the public attention.

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