Remaining as present as in the beginning despite ups and downs in personal life is the real attribute of a person. Staforde Palmer is one of those rare personalities who has set examples with his strong take on life and profession. Although he went more famous from his partner’s name, he well accepted the drastic changes that came into his life.

Here’s everything you need to know about YRIS Palmer husband, Staforde Palmer — from his net worth to his age!

Staforde Palmer Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Staforde Palmer has remained lowkey regarding his details. He never revealed the actual date of his birthday. However, his certain social media posts suggested that he turned 32 years of age on his 2020 birthday.

 On 24th April 2018, Staforde thanked his well-wishers for the warm birthday wishes. Thus, his birthday supposedly is somewhere in the 20s of April. If it happens to be so, Staforde falls under the Taurus zodiac category.

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Staforde Palmer Wiki — Family, Education, Nationality 

Staforde Palmer is from the UK, which makes him an Englishman by his nationality. The man has kept a low profile of his early family life. However, he is quite close to his mother, who is a caucasian woman. This thus makes Staforde a multiracial man. Also, he has a good relationship with his sister.

When it comes to his education, Staforde completed it from his hometown in England. He went to Wexham Secondary School for his basic education. Later, he joined East Berkshire College for his BTEC level 1 in sport. From the same college, he did his diploma level 2 in plumbing (heating and ventilation).

Further, in the year 2013, Staforde completed his introductory certificate of marketing level 3 from the London school of marketing. Later, he acquired his professional certificate of marketing from the same school of marketing. All in all, Staforde finished his education in marketing from the year 2013 to 2015.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Tall, dark, and handsome goes best with Staforde Palmer, alongside some added zest of delicacy and warmth to his personality.

He is tall at the height of more than 5 feet 8 inches while his weight is somewhere around 82 kgs. Staforde has a dashingly unique physique wrought by his charming tattoos.

Born to biracial parents itself makes Staforde distinct in many features. But to specify it, the man has an attractive body frame backed by his well-shaped face as well as his hairstyle.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Staforde doesn’t seem much into social media as he has kept a low profile even there. He is not on Facebook and Twitter, but his Instagram account is on the verge of growing.

Staforde’s Instagram posts are mostly family-oriented. From his early family to his present family, Staforde posts much of his family life, and his fans love that side of him.

Thus, the love people shower can be counted on his followers’ number which was more than 7.4K until September 2020.

Staforde Palmer Net Worth, Salary, Job

Before completing his education, Staforde had joined D’usse as a supported project manager. He worked there only for 2 months from July 2013 to August of the same year.

Also, he joined to Snowbombing Festival as a brand ambassador from April 2015. Later, from January 2014 to June 2015, Staforde worked as a freelancer for Coalition Events Services.

After working as a freelancer for 1 year and 6 months, he joined Display innovations as a sales agent. Staforde worked there for more than 2 years from May 2015 to May 2017.

A year before leaving his job as a sales agent, Staforde had started working at Sev Laser Aesthetics situated in Sherman Oaks, California, as a partner.

There is no detail on his actual salary, however, Staforde Palmer’s net worth is supposedly above $400 thousand.

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Staforde & YRIS Palmer: Married, Divorce, Kids

Staforde met his wife, Yris Palmer in Las Vegas, Nevada in the year 2011. Being not just from two different cities but two different nations, Staforde and Yris sustained their long-distance relationship for 5 good years. Flying back and forth to each other’s home in Los Angeles and England, their relationship turned into marriage in 2016.

Staforde and Yris got married at the Castaway Restaurant in Burbank, California. The two also had a daughter, Ayla soon after they got married in November 2016.

But then came the news of their divorce. Fans got to know that Staforde’s married life with Yris is no longer in progress as she started posting pictures with her new partner, basketball star Troy Daniels. 

Coming to Staforde’s kids, besides Ayla, Staforde also had a son, Tai Palmer from his previous relationship. He is very much attached to his kids and keeps posting pictures with his times with them.

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