Sean Hall is an American music producer. Beyond his self-acquired merit, Sean hit the limelight as the boyfriend of Towanda Braxton.

Read this Sean Hall wiki and find out Towanda’s partner’s age, net worth, and tattoos. Moreover, discover info about his height, Instagram, and family background.

Sean Hall Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Sean Hall grew up celebrating his birthday on 27th December. Therefore, he is a Capricorn.

As of 2020, Sean reportedly belonged to the 43-48 age demographic. Meanwhile, Towanda Braxton turned 47 years old in Sept 2020.

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Sean Hall Wiki — Family, Parents, Siblings

Coming to his family life, Sean Hall is cousins with fellow producer Christopher “Tricky” Stewart.

By 2020, Christopher had 5 Grammys. Some of his biggest hits included Beyonce’s “Single Ladies,” Rihanna’s “Umbrellas,” Justin Bieber’s “Baby,” and many more.

Back in February 2020, Sean shared a photo of him and Towanda hanging with his mother on Instagram.

Likewise, in a tweet dated to June 2020, Sean lamented about “not having a father to… ”

What’s more, Sean rarely opened about his siblings (assuming he had more than one).

Height, Weight, Tattoos

Sean Hall stands above 6 feet in height. Towanda Braxton, meanwhile, measured 5 feet 7 inches tall.

Similarly, Sean weighed over 87 kilograms. Besides a beautiful set of teeth, Sean sported a bald head. He also maintained a patch-less beard.

Talking about tattoos, Sean had multiple. However, he rarely showed them off on social media.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Youtube, Twitter

Circa 2009, Sean joined Twitter. A decade and a year on, he had 1.3 thousand followers on the platform.

Furthermore, Sean kept his Instagram private. Nonetheless, some 1.8 people followed him there.

Towanda and Sean went by @KingLadybug [KLB] on social media as described themselves as a fun couple. By 2020, their joint Youtube channel enjoyed 37.2 thousand subscribers. What’s more, their IG hoarded 34.1 thousand followers.

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Sean Hall Net Worth, Music, Producer Credits

Per his Twitter bio, Sean split his time between Atlanta, Los Angeles, London, Japan, and Chicago — probably working on new music.

Under the moniker Sean K, he produced multiple platinum-selling records.

All thanks to his successful career in the music industry, Sean Hall owns above $300 thousand net worth.

In his IG bio, Sean boasted about his hugging skills. He also joked that he’s a full-time Super Hero.

An avid photographer, Sean considered himself Nature’s paparazzi and a Great man.

Sean Hall & Towanda Braxton: Dating, Engaged, Wedding

Around Spring 2018, Sean Hall began dating Towanda Braxton. Long before he was the singer’s boyfriend, Sean was a family friend.

Sean and Towanda made their romance official in an April 2020 episode of WeTV’s “Braxton Family Values”. It was Tamar who cheated Sean into revealing the secret relationship.

Between 2004 and 2017, Towanda was married to Andre Carter. With her now-former husband, she shared two children: Braxton Montelus and Brooke.

Sean himself could be a father to a couple of kids. On Twitter, he occasionally wrote about them.

According to Towanda’s June 2020 IG post, Sean treated Braxton and Brooke like his own offsprings. At the same time, the singer revealed Andre hasn’t been present

In a walk-in-interview with TMZ in late-Sept 2020, Towanda shared she and Sean were getting married. Never mind the public, even her sister Trina and their mom were surprised to learn about their engagement.

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