Robert Joseph Monn first tasted the limelight as the husband of Jennifer Lee — the mind behind “Frozen.”

Also, Robert and Jennifer would have a child before separating for good.

Continue reading and become familiar with Robert’s bio. Furthermore, find out his birthday, net worth, and background.

Robert Joseph Monn Bio: Age, Job, Height

A man of mystique, Robert kept his early family life and upbringing to himself. Similarly, he hadn’t divulged details about his education, siblings, and parents.

What’s more, Robert Joseph Monn seemed like a man in his 50s (as of 2020). Meanwhile, Jennifer celebrated her birthday on 22nd October every year.

By all measures, Robert appeared like a person of Caucasian descent. Moreover, he must’ve possessed American nationality.

To shine a light on his physical traits, Robert Joseph Monn probably stood beyond 5 feet 10 inches in height. Likewise, he seemed to own a sturdy built, with over 89 kilograms of weight.

Either Robert wasn’t social media savvy or he didn’t like being on Instagram and Twitter. The same was the case with Facebook.

While Jennifer Lee was one of the most famous directors alive, Robert chose not to reveal his job title. As such, nobody could estimate his net worth.

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Relationship With Jennifer Lee: Wedding, Divorce, Daughter

In 1999, Robert Joseph Vonn married Jennifer Lee. 20 years on, the duo didn’t reveal when and how they started dating.

Robert and Jennifer picked Rhode Island to hold their wedding. At the time, Jennifer was 28 years of age and working as a graphic designer.

When Jennifer changed her career path and enrolled in a film school, Robert supported his wife. She eventually graduated from Columbia Film School.

By the time Jennifer earned her filmmaking degree, she and Robert were already looking after a child. The duo’s daughter Agatha was born in 2011.

Agatha’s arrival, however, wasn’t enough to save Robert and Jennifer’s failing marriage. The duo eventually separated.

After their divorce, Jennifer commenced dating actor Alfred Molina. She had met Alfred while working on “Frozen II.”

Before she ignited a romance with Robert, Jennifer experienced a loss after her then-boyfriend passed away in a boating accident.

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