16 and Pregnant have finally returned to MTV after almost a 6 year-long hiatus. It premiered on October 6, 2020.

Like its previous season, the show will cover the lives of six young, teenage moms during pregnancy, post-pregnancy, and into parenthood, and their relationship with their partners. However, this time around 16 and Pregnant will also add footages of young couples with their family members,

One of the six moms in this edition of 16 and Pregnant is an LA native Rachelle Perez. Read until the very end to find out if Rachelle’s deteriorating relationship with her family members took any toll on the relationship with her boyfriend, Chase Keough. Also, get insights into Rachelle’s general wikis, net worth, and social media reach.

Rachelle Perez Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Rachelle Perez was born in the year 1999, thus her age, as of October 2020, is only 21. Ever since her birth, she’s been celebrating her birthday on the 18th of October.

Rachelle took to Instagram to announce that she turned 21 on October 18, 2020. She uploaded two pictures of herself and captioned it, “21 21 21.” Going by her birth date, Rachelle’s zodiac sign is Libra.

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Rachelle Perez Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Hometown

In Oct 2020 episodes of 16 and Pregnant, viewers saw Rachelle Perez and her parents set for a much-needed conversation. Rachelle’s boyfriend, Chase, was missing from the conversation though.

Rachelle’s parents, Meryn and Marvin, expressed their doubts about Chase. The viewers thought the utter disappointment in Rachelle’s parents’ eyes could be the result of the Guatemalan values, which are obviously different from where Rachelle grew up that is her hometown, Los Angeles, California.

In a short conversation, Rachelle’s mom warned her about her boyfriend, Chase. She said,

“I’ve seen things from him that I don’t like. So the only thing I can tell you is always stand up for yourself.”

Rachelle’s dad Marvin, however, seemed optimistic about Chase. He told,

“I do see Chase like a good guy. He seems responsible. He likes to work. And that’s important.”

As evident in the clip 16 and Pregnant posted on its Instagram handle, Rachelle immediately stormed off after her parents, especially her mom, did not stop asking pressing questions.

Rachelle has all three siblings, all of whom are her sisters, are not very happy either about the decision to stick with Chase. Definitely not her older sister, Iris.

Height, Weight, Measurements

Coming to her physical attributes, Rachelle Perez stands at an average height of 5 Feet 4 Inches and weighs around 57 kilograms. Furthermore, she flaunts appealing body measurements of 33-26-36 inches.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Rachelle’s social media reach had a huge boost in October 2020 compared to the last few months, thanks to 16 and Pregnant. She is available only on Instagram where she often provides viewers some peeks into her daily life.

By Oct 2020, her Instagram handle,, boasts a massive following of 17.6 thousand. There is no word yet on when Rachelle will join Facebook and Twitter.

Rachelle Perez Job, Net Worth, MTV
Rachelle got pregnant within a year after she completed her high school. With a child in her womb, she decided not to enroll in any university for her undergrad. Nor was she in a position to do any job.
That was where MTV stepped in to present her story to the public. Rachelle, her family, and her boyfriend Chase have already been featured in the first three episodes of 16 and Pregnant.
While it is not exactly known how much money does Rachelle make from 16 and Pregnant, the women who were featured in the starting seasons of 16 and Pregnant were only paid $5000. But, one has to remember, those women played only in one episode.
With that being said, Rachelle Perez’s net worth is yet to surface on the Internet.

Are Rachelle Perez & Chase Keough Still Together?
Rachel knew she was pregnant, with a child of a man she had started dating only 30 days before, at an age of 19. Rachel, who was already in stress for getting pregnant at such a young age, got even more stressed when she did not get much support from her parents.
As a result, Rachelle had to move in with her boyfriend Chase to ensure that the baby gets the proper environment for development. Chase, who was jobless from 2015 after he graduated high school, found a new job as an electrician and started making money for the baby and the mother.
The frustration of working 9 to 5 seemed apparent in how he acted in front of Rachel. Once he called their unborn baby girl “fat” looking at the ultrasound picture. Chase faced major backlash for the incident.

Rachelle, Chase, and their daughter Boston in the frame.

However, things smoothened for Rachelle and Chase after their baby daughter, Boston, was born in January 2020. Talking to Heavy in Oct that year, Rachel confirmed that she was still together with Chase.

While things may still not be going buttery-smooth for Rachel and Chase, it sure has improved a lot from the time of filming.

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