In Dec 2020, news broke that Jeremy Bulloch had passed away. He earned wide-spread fame for his role as Boba Fett in the original Star Wars trilogy. The English actor left behind a loving wife, Maureen Bulloch, and their extended family.

Who Is Jeremy Bulloch’s wife, Maureen Bulloch? To find out, read her bio and find out her age, job, wedding date, and more!

Maureen Bulloch Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Jeremy Bulloch was 75 years old when he took his last breath in 2020. And based on the photos online, Maureen Bulloch must be of the same age as him.

Nonetheless, Maureen grew up celebrating her birthday on 18th November. As such, Scorpio was her assigned zodiac at her birth.

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Maureen Bulloch Bio: Nationality, Family, Maiden Name

Jeremy Bulloch was born in Leicester, England. Everything online suggested Maureen was also born in the British Isles.

What’s more, Maureen successfully hid her maiden name from the public. Similar seemed the case with her early family life.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Only a few inches shorter than Jeremy Bulloch, Maureen stood around 5 feet 8 inches in height. [Note: Jeremy is 6 feet tall.]

Moving onto her distinct features, Maureen appeared a lot younger than the women of her age. Her weight was also significantly less than her peers.

Social Media Reach: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

Although Maureen Bulloch wasn’t on Facebook and Instagram, her presence on Twitter gained attention. Using the social media site, she shared images from their family functions and travels.

Only 140 people followed Maureen on Twitter (as of Dec 2020). She had joined the platform in Jan 2012.

Maureen Bulloch Job, Net Worth, Education

A woman of mystery, Maureen Bulloch deemed it fit to never reveal her job, net worth, and education.

Perhaps, Maureen’s biggest accomplishment in life was serving as her husband’s rock. For 20 years, she accompanied him as they traveled the world meeting Star Wars fans.

In his retirement statement, Jeremy Bulloch mentioned his wife. At the time, he wrote— “I have had over 20 years of traveling with my wife Maureen to some amazing countries and have met so many wonderful fans. Thank you all so much and we will miss you all.”

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Maureen & Jeremy Bulloch: Wedding, Kids

Maureen and Jeremy Bulloch married young. Reportedly, they were both in their 20s when they got married.

For about 50 years, Maureen and her husband lived in their home located in Tooting.

Together, Maureen and Jeremy had 3 kids (all boys). What’s more, they were loving grandparents to 10.

Talking about their children, Jamie is a renowned historian. He wrote the 2009 book “Karl Renner: Austria”. He and his wife, Katharina, share 3 daughters (as of 2020).

Jamie and Robbie, Maureen & Jeremy’s other son” were by his side during his finals days at the Tooting-based St George’s Hospital.

Following Jeremy’s death, the Bulloch family released a statement that read— “Jeremy died peacefully on 17th December 2020 following health complications, including several years living with Parkinson’s disease. He spent his final weeks in the wonderful care of the staff at St George’s Hospital in Tooting, close to the house where he and his wife Maureen had lived together for more than fifty years. Maureen and two of his sons, Jamie and Robbie, were with him during his final days.”

The statement continued— “Jeremy had a long and happy life as an actor and was best known for his roles in the films Summer Holiday, Star Wars, and James Bond; TV series the Newcomers, Doctor Who, Agony and Robin of Sherwood, and several West End theatre productions. Away from the screen, Jeremy was a talented footballer and cricketer. He also supported several charities including Great Ormond Street Hospital who saved his granddaughter’s life. He was devoted to his wife, three sons, and ten grandchildren, who all love him dearly and will miss him terribly.”

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