Meet Luana Sandien, a Brazilian model living in Spain bid $600,000 for Lionel Messi’s handkerchief. But, this isn’t the first time she is making headlines as her modeling gig had earned her recognition several times before.

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Luana Sandien Lionel Messi

Brazilian model Luana Sandien bid £438k to pose naked with Lionel Messi’s handkerchief. When Messi said his last goodbyes after an entire career in Barcelona, he broke into tears. He was handed a tissue by his wife Antonela Roccuzzo.

The handkerchief was posted online for sale. So, eager Luana wanted to get her hands on the handkerchief and bid £438,000 an equivalent of $600,000. She gave more than half the advertised amount believing she would win, but the ad disappeared after her bid, out of nowhere.

Luana Sandien Age

Luana Sandien was born on 8 February. She turned 28 years old in 2021.

Her Nationality: Where Is She From?

Luana Sandien was born to her anonymous parents is of Brazilian nationality. She hails from Brazil. She shared a few snaps on her IG from her wedding day and had her father in them. He appeared twice on her social, and that is all we have on her parents.

Not even once did Luana feature her mother on her social. So, her identity and her whereabouts remain a mystery.

Luana Sandien Height

Luana Sandien stands to the height of 5 feet 7 inches (1.70 meters). She weighed about 61 kilograms (134 lbs). Moreover, she flaunts her measurements of 34-26-36 on her Instagram.

Her Instagram, TikTok

On Instagram, Luana goes by her IG handle (@luanasandien). She has a verified account and gathered 51.8k followers as of this writing. Moreover, she posted 462 times.

Moreover, Luana Sandien also has a Facebook account with 881 followers.

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Luana Sandien Net Worth

The fact that she could bid $3 million for Lionel Messi’s scarf, we believe that Luana Sandien is worth at least $5 million in net worth.

Luana is a bikini and fashion model by profession. She has made it to the cover of several magazines including Playboy. Back in early 2021, she posed topless in a desert in Dubai. Since not everyone was impressed with her modeling gig, they lambasted her topless desert pics.

However, Luana insisted that she was ‘careful to cover her breasts with her hands.’ In Dubai, due to the religious reason, sunbathing and nudity is not taken well. Plus, it is considered public indecency.

However, while talking with Daily Star, Luana clarified that she didn’t ‘mean to embarrass anyone and covered her breasts with her hands to avoid causing offense who posed with a headscarf and cut-out trousers.

Luana, who appeared on Playboy Denmark, shared that, ‘It was one of the best pictures I’ve ever taken, but I didn’t mean to embarrass anyone.” In May 2021, she again fell into controversy for wearing Barcelona’s jersey. Similar to her previous controversy, this also got her in trouble as some fans of Barcelona weren’t pleased with her photos.

Same as before, Luana had to clarify to the Barca fans that she herself has been a fan of the team for a long time. But, the sales of the Playboy magazine for the cover of Playboy Africa increased by 50% than the regular edition.

Luana Sandien Boyfriend

Luana Sandien was previously married to her ex-husband Maciej Lampe. The couple ended up having a son together Adam Lampe. Later, they had the wedding in the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Uniejów, and the three-day wedding in the 14th-century castle located nearby. Luana shares a few snaps from her wedding day on her social media. However, their marriage ended in divorce after four years.

Furthermore, Luana raised her son as a single mother. But, they were fighting for the custody of their 6-year-old son since May 2020.

Her ex-husband, Maciej is a Polish basketball player and a former NBA star.

In June of 2021, Luana stirred conversation after coming out as ‘autosexual.’ She insisted that she was enthralled with herself she’d like to date herself. Moreover, Luana noted that masturbation is much more pleasurable than having sex with another person for her.

Luana shared that she had always felt that way but didn’t know they had a name for it. She sought refuge in the autosexual community. The model also felt relieved she wasn’t the only one who felt that way.

As reported by online entertainment news outlets, Luana does seem to have a boyfriend. She was very impatient with the Spanish immunization system, so the Brazilian asked for a somewhat different gift for her boyfriend: A trifle of R$ 30,000.

The money would be used to travel to the United States, where vaccination was more advanced. The amount would cover the tickets, the quarantine in Mexico, and the stay in the North American country. Luana made a point of publicizing the request through the advice of Cocoa Oliver, creator of the Miss Butt contest.

But Luana didn’t reveal the name and identity of her boyfriend.

Luana also shared that her DM is crazy with weird proposals. A man even offered 100 gold bars to Luana. Like him, there were also other men and she promised to expose them.

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