Loann Kaji is the mother of one of the highest-paid Toy Reviewer and YouTuber, Loann Kaji. While her son is making records after records with his reviews, the parents of the kids are also sharing the spotlight.

In fact, Loann has been credited as the one to come up with the idea of her doing YouTube. Scroll down to learn more about it.

Loann Kaji Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Loann Kaji celebrates her birthday every year on 28 April. She turned 36 years old while celebrating her birthday in 2020. Based on her date of birth, Loann owned Taurus as her zodiac sign, a sign that blesses people with artistic nature, genuineness, and emotionally powerful among others.

Loann Kaji Wiki — Origin, Maiden Name, Family

Loann Kaji was born to her anonymous parents in Vietnam. She demonstrated no interest in sharing details on her parents which is why almost no information surfaced on her immigrant father and mother.

She was born Kieu-Loan Thi, maiden name Nguyen and her family-originates in Vietnam. Along with information on her family, she also ignored divulging information on her possible siblings.

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Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Being born Asian, Loann stood elevated up to the height of 5 feet 3 inches (1.60 meters). Whereas, she weighed not more than 63 kilograms (138 lbs) which is a little bit more than the average proportion. Loann keeps shoulder-length dark brown hair and loves doing mild make-up that makes her look even more beautiful.

Social media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

While talking about social media reach, Loann Kaji doesn’t seem very interested in being on social media. She, however, monitors the post on her son Ryan Kaji’s social media account. His Instagram account boasted a total of 132k followers as of the time of this writing.

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Loann Kaji Job, Net Worth, Jail

Raised in Houston, Texas, Loann Kaji spent her early childhood in her hometown. She attended high school there and graduated from the same. She later attended the University of Houston.

While most of her early life remain unknown before Ryan became a YouTube celebrity, she, however, made it to the headlines when she got arrested in 2002.

As reported by Daily Mail, she was caught shoplifting at a JC Penney department store in Houston’s Almeda Mall. The mall was close to her family home. Moreover, the security staff of the mall caught her stealing six items of clothing that totaled $93. The security kept her detained until the arrival of police that led to her getting arrested and charged.

The Harris County Criminal Court could’ve jailed her for 60 days, a pre-established charge for class B misdemeanor. But they decided to remain lenient with her when they saw her a week later.

Loann paid $150 and charged her with a non-custodial sentence in addition to putting her on six months probation. She performed 40 hours of community service and submitted to a random urine test. On top of that, Loann had to put on an offender identification card that she had to carry at all times. She also took part in an anti-shoplifting program.

Moreover, in May of 2003, police from the City of Pearland, a suburb situated in Houston again arrested Loann for violating the probation order. But, this time the Harris County Criminal Court wasn’t taking any chances and sentenced her to 60 days in prison.

Loann spent 30 days after her second arrest in prison. Following that, she decided to become a teacher. She joined Texas Tech University based in Lubbock, Texas. In 2012, Loann earned her Texas educator certificate and started teaching chemistry in a high school.

While Loann’s salary and net worth remain obscure to the public, her son has earned multi-million dollars from his YouTube channel Ryan’s world that flaunts 27.9 million subscribers as of this writing.

As Forbes reported, Ryan reportedly earned about $14 million in 2020 alone and his estimated net worth totaled a little above $30 million. Plus, he secured the title of Highest-Paid YouTube Stars from his Toy reviewing channel.

However, Truth in Advertising AKA TINA filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission against the YouTube channel in September 2019. They made allegations against the channel for misleading pre-schoolers. But Ryan’s father broke his silence and claimed of living by all the laws and regulations.

Loann & Sihon Kaji: Wedding, Ryan, Daughters

All thanks to the mutual friend of Loann Kaji & Sihon Kaji, they got acquainted when both were attending Texas Tech University. The pair met each other in September of 2009. Shion Guan who was almost four years her junior moved from Japan. He was studying civil engineering at the time.

Within two months of meeting each other, Loann and Shion became inseparable. The couple welcomed their son Ryan Haruto Nguyen on 27 September 2011.

Shion pursued a master’s degree in transportation system engineering from Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. He returned to his hometown with his master’s in engineering. Following Shion’s return, he and Loann married on 10 August in 2013. He then landed a job as a structural engineer. But, Loann focused on making an earning from YouTube. Soon the channel blew up and started making millions for the family.

In 2017, Loann and Sihon visited the court to bestow their son Sihon’s last name instead of Loann’s maiden name. The married couple also gave birth to twin daughters Emma & Kate.

As of this writing, Shion Kaji was the president of the family’s company whereas Loann Kaji served as a managing partner. As for Ryan and his two younger twin sisters, they were the creative director sof the company.

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