Kay’La Hanson is Damian Lillard’s fiancee and mother of his children. Damian Lillard is the star basketball player for Portland Trail Blazers. Recently, the couple came into the spotlight after announcing that they were expecting twins.

Read along to know more about Kay’La, her relationship with Damian, and their kids.

Kay’La Hanson Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Let’s start with Kay’La Hanson’s age and birthday. According to Kay’La own Instagram, she was born on 8 November 1991. That meant she was 29 years of age as of Jan 2021.

And having her birthday on the eighth of November, her zodiac sign was Scorpio.

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Kay’La Hanson Wiki — Ethnicity, Family, Hometown

According to her Facebook profile, Kay’La Hanson was born and raised in her hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. Currently, however, she lived in Portland, Oregon.

She came from a family of parents of mixed ethnicities. Her father was a black man and her mother was white. Although both of her parents were frequently featured on her Instagram and other social media, the names of either of her parents in the family were not known.

Apart from her parents, Kay’La had two siblings in the family. She had a brother named Tyler and a sister named Kalina. Her brother was a Sales Associate and was currently engaged with a woman named Katie Reagan.

Furthermore, until 2016, Kay’La also had a grandmother in the family. But she died in 2016. Her grandfather had died previously.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Kay’La Hanson is a woman of rather tall height. She stood at a height of over 5 ft 8 inches. In terms of her weight, however, Kay’La was a very modest woman with a weight of about 54 kgs.

Talking about her distinct features, Kay’La had brown hair, which sometimes changed to coppery red and sometimes to pitch black. The hair kept changing too, sometimes wavy with beautiful ringlets, sometimes an afro locks.

Also, she had brown eyes. Then there was the tattoo on her stomach. It was hard to tell what exactly the tattoo was but it was intricate and beautiful.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Kay’La did not really have that big of a social media reach. She had a decent following, but considering that she was not really a celebrity but the wife of one, that following was still significant.

She was present on Instagram and Facebook but did not seem to exist on Twitter. On her Instagram, she had 115 posts and 14.1k followers [Jan 2021].

Kay’La had a Facebook account but not a page. Her Facebook contained a lot of information about her. Her friends’ list, however, was kept hidden from the public.

Kay’La Hanson Job, Net Worth, Education

Talking about her education and career, Kay’La Hanson started her educational journey in Las Vegas. For her high school education, she attended Legacy High School in Las Vegas. She finished her school education with honors.

Later, she studied pre-med at Weber State University in Ogden, Utah. She graduated in 2014 and then went on to to get further medical education at Nightingale College in Salt Lake City, Utah. She studied nursing there.

Despite getting her education in the medical field, Kay’La eventually started to work as an entrepreneur in Oregon. As of 2020, she owned and operated a beauty nail salon in Lake Oswego, Oregon.

According to our sources, Kay’La’s net worth, separate from Damian, was over $500 thousand.

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Kay’La Hanson & Damian Lillard: Engaged, Married, Twins

Kay’La met her future husband Damian Lillard when both of them were still in college, Weber State University. Damian was a star basketball player and Kay’La was just a pre-med student. Yet, they met each other and started dating.

That was in 2010. It has been over a decade and a lot of things have happened, their relationship was still as cherished. Both of them graduated from college and Damian went on to become a professional basketball player.

The couple had kids and then got engaged. Damian became a professional basketball player when he was drafted by Portland Trail Blazers. In the next eight years for the Blazers, he became one of the most decorated players in the team’s history.

On the personal front, Kay’La and Damian had their first child in 2018 (out of wedlock). The young Damian Jr. was born on 29 March 2018. Then in February of 2020, Damian proposed to Kay’La, she said yes, and they were engaged.

A few months later, in August 2020, before their wedding, they announced that Kay’La was pregnant with twins. Then in November, the couple had a photoshoot where Kay’La was wearing a white wedding dress, making people speculate that the couple had married. But the captions never explicitly said that the couple had married.

In Dec 2020, the couple did a nursery makeover for the coming twins. The couple looked extremely happy and eagerly waiting for the kids in the photographs.


Kay’La Hanson with her fiance Damian Lillard and their son Damian Jr. circa December 2020 (PC: Kay’La’s IG)

On 21st January 2021, Kay’La gave birth to twins: a daughter and a son. She and Damian named them Kalii Laheem Lillard and Kali Emma Lee Lillard respectively.

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