Joy Vogelsang was best known as the mother of Academy Award-winning actor Nicolas Cage. She struggled a large part of her life with mental illness and in 2021, it allegedly claimed her life. This Joy Vogelsang Wikipedia brings you details on her life and carer.

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Joy Vogelsang Cause Of Death

Joy Vogelsang’s precise cause of death is yet to be revealed as of 20th June 2021. However, it was her years of struggling with mental illness that claimed her life. She was institutionalized over and over again as she was plagued by mental illness, but her sons always remembered her as a loving mother.

Christopher, who stayed by her side all day, missed her passing away by a few hours. She took her last breath on 26 May 2021.

Joy Vogelsang Age

At the time of her death, Joy Vogelsang was 85 years old. But, her precise birthday hasn’t been shared yet. Furthermore, her birthday and her zodiac sign remain anonymous.

Her Family, Nationality

Joy A Vogelsang was born to her father Robert Albert Vogelsang and her mother Louise Adrianne Siputa. Her father passed away in 1988 whereas her mother did in 2010. Her father, Robert Albert Vogelsang, son of William Gerald Vogelsang and Magdalie Lena Muentnich, was born in Illinois.

As for her mother, Louise Adrianne was the daughter of Andrew Thomas Siputa and Anna Kaxzmarek born in Illinois, to Polish Parents. This allowed her to have a mixed ethnicity of German, Polish, English descent.

There exist no records of her having any siblings. Even if she did, all the Vogelsang siblings are of American nationality.

Joy Vogelsang Young


Joy Vogelsang when she was young (Pic: Christopher’s FB)

There exists a few snaps of Joy Vogelsang with young Nicholas Cage, but, snaps of herself during her young age were hard to discover. The youngest pic of Joy that was ever shared was by her son Christopher on his Facebook when he was paying tribute to his mother.

Her Instagram, Facebook

Joy Vogelsang never created an account on any of the social media platforms. She couldn’t be discovered on Twitter, Facebook, or even Instagram. Furthermore, this could be her disinterest in being on social media platforms.

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Joy Vogelsang Net Worth

The dancer, Joy Vogelsang had a total net worth of around $200 thousand in total.

Joy Vogelsang built her fame and recognition involving herself in the entertainment industry. She was a dancer and a choreographer who fraction of her life dedicated to her craft. There exist no precise information on where she trained to become a dancer and a choreographer.

But, Joy did it either way and even helped her kids form a path to a career in the film industry. She even walked on the red carpet with her son Nicolas Cage for the premiere of the movies.

For a large part of her life, Joy struggled with schizophrenia and severe depression. This also affected her career and her lifestyle. Even before her death, she had spent two weeks in the hospital.

Joy Vogelsang Husband

Joy Vogelsang married her former husband August Floyd Coppola in 1960. August was often portrayed as the combination of Sean Connery and Beethoven.

The queries regarding how they met remain a mystery. A scholar and comparative literature professor by profession, August stayed married to Joy for 14 years and got divorced in April of 1974.

While Joy was institutionalized because of her mental illness, August instead of letting his kids watch sitcoms, took his children to see art-house movies to soak up Federico Fellini, and “Nosferatu’s” Max Schreck.

Together, Joy and August had three sons; Marc Coppola, Christopher R Coppola, and Nicolas Cage. Marc (born on 29 April 1958) worked as an American actor and DJ working for KGB-FM in San Diego, California. He married Elizabeth Coppola and had two kids, Cayley Coppola and Natasha Shalom.

Christopher Coppola (born on 25 January 1962) attended Beverly Hills High School. He studied music composition at the University of Redlands School of Music and graduated in 1981. Furthermore, he studied Film at San Francisco Art Institute in 1985.

Christopher had worked as Adjunct Professor at Madonna University, Council Member at California Arts Council, and has been working as a film director since September of 1993. He is also the director of Cinema Studies and Projects at San Francisco Art Institute.

Nicolas Cage (born on 7 January 1964) was credited as an actor in over 100 movies. Some of the notable works of Nicolas to the date are Dark, Snowden, Ghost Rider, The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, National Treasure: Book of Secrets, Leaving Las Vegas, Adaptation, and several others.

Joy was an affectionate lady who was extremely proud of her sons and their achievements. As Christopher wrote in his tribute to his mother on his Facebook, he learned the meaning of the word ‘affection’ from her mother.

Once during a fight between Joy and her husband, she told her ex-husband that Nicolas wasn’t her son. This caused a rift between Nicolas and his father, and pictures of the two side by side proved that Nicolas is August’s son, but it was always there.

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