Sonni Pacheco is a former model and actress. Now a full-fledged artist, she used to dabble in real estate business.

Beyond the nomad-like career, Sonni gets best recognized as the ex-wife of actor Jeremy Renner. Post-separation, she hit the “Avengers” star with damaging allegations.

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How Old Is Sonni Pacheco? Wiki, Birthday & Nationality

Born in 1991, Sonni Pacheco turned 28 years of age in 2019. Info about when she celebrates her birthday isn’t available.

Sonni holds Canadian nationality; she is a Pitt Meadows, Canada-native.

Since Sonni doesn’t own a Wikipedia profile, it’s difficult to track down his biological parents and education history.

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Per reports online, Soni allegedly grew up in a family farmhouse. As an adult, she moved to Mexico and began working at a hotel resort selling timeshares.

Movies, Height & Net Worth

Returning from Mexico, Sonni Pacheco relocated to Hollywood and pursued acting and modeling career.

Sonni’s five feet and eight inches (173 cm) height was of great help in her landing modeling gigs. In early 2013, she also doubled as spokesperson for “Monster Energy Drinks.”

Working as an actress, Sonni starred in movies “Wingman,” and “American Pie Presents: The Book Of Love.”

In her mid-20s, Sonni shifted her focus to art. A gifted sculptor, she uses her art to explore “the visceral narrative of love and suffering, through her ability to internalize her harrowing journey through young motherhood, divorce, and grief.”

According to Heavy, Sonni once worked as a realtor. “KW Beverly Hills” was her employer.

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All her endeavors combined plus the $13k child support that she receives from ex-husband Jeremy Renner, Sonni boasts a seven-figure net worth.

Daughter, Married & Dating


Sonni Pacheco with Jeremy Renner (Pic – Daily Mail)

Sonni Pacheco met her future husband Jeremy Renner on the set of 2011 film “Misson: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.” At the time, she was working as a stand-in.

Following a blissful dating life, Sonni and then-boyfriend Jeremy welcomed a daughter on 28th March 2013. They named their firstborn Ava Berlin.

In January 2014, Sonni and Jeremy got married. The confirmation of nuptials didn’t arrive until September that year.

By December, Sonni’s relationship with then-husband Jeremy had turned sour, prompting her to file for divorce.

Post Separation & Divorce Info

Filing for divorce from Jeremy Renner in December 2014, Sonni Pacheco cited irreconcilable differences. At the time, she accused ex-husband of misleading her into signing a fraudulent prenup.

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After Jeremey missed out several child support payments in 2016, Sonni accused him of being a deadbeat dad. The actor denied the claims.

Fast forward to September 2019, Sonni filed court documents asking for sole custody of Ava. In addition to accusing Jeremy of threatening to kill her, she alleged that the actor placed a gun in his mouth and threatened to commit suicide.

Adding to the stated allegations, Sonni claimed that Jeremy shot into the ceiling of their daughter’s bedroom while Ava was sleeping.

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