In 2020, star YouTuber Tati Westbrook and her husband James Westbrook were being sued by their business partner Clark Swanson for alleged breach of contract and gross negligence.

The very news not just shocked the fans but also some of the people who were not yet aware of Tati’s husband wanted to know more about her hubby James.

And, in case you are one of them, here’s everything you need to know.

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James Westbrook Wiki

James Westbrook stands to above 5′ 11” height.

He was born on 10th September in 1970 in Valdese, North Carolina, in the United States. Henceforth, he turned 50 years old in 2020 and his zodiac sign is Virgo.

His father Sidney Westbrook Jr and mother Linda Westbrook passed on respectively in the year 1994 and in April in 2014.

James’ mother had forever been a big support in his life.

In 2014, his father passed away and despite living in the same state, he could not see him taking his last breath.

Tati, James’s fiance at the time, had shared on her Instagram beautiful writing dedicated to James’s mother. An excerpt from the caption read:

“Thank you Linda for being an incredible supporter of all of my wild ideas including YouTube & for the acceptance & love you gave to me from the moment I met you. I am honored to be a part of your family. To our funny, beautiful, strong, witty, brave, loving Linda we miss you with our whole hearts. Just didn’t think this day would come so soon.”

“Brave and loving” Linda is survived by two more daughters: Cheryl Fennell and Beth Robinson.

James Westbrook Ex-Wife

We are all aware of James’s married life long-time sweetheart Tati Westbrook. Tati published a vlog about their wedding that took place in January 2017. And they were already engaged since James popped the question in 2012.


James and Tati start the year 2020 from Teton Village, Wyoming (PIC: Tati’s IG)

Fellow beauty YouTuber, James Charles (who later made enmity with the couple) and Nikki Phillippi, were in attendance for James’s wedding to Tati.

But it may come as news to some, that Before Tati, James Westbrook had an ex-wife and married to someone else whose name he has not been revealed yet.

James Westbrook Son

Apparently, James Westbrook’s only son, Taylor, is his kid from a previous marriage with his mystery ex-wife.

Taylor, who is occasionally appearing on Tati YouTube Channel, with 9.13 million subscribers, seems to have to build a loving equation with his stepmom.

However, to date, we had no cues, if Taylor also stayed with his birth mom.

The last time we heard, the year 1994-born was living in Los Angeles.

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James Westbrook Net Worth, Job

James Westbrook’s estimated net worth was over $700K in 2020. Besides, the celebrity husband who has been very supportive of his wife’s YouTube career is also entitled to Tati’s $3.5 million and counting net worth.

According to his wife, James’s works in the media industry. Sometime before, she bragged how he is very gifted in working with business development, contract, and deals. And, how she is in love with his inspiring and brilliant mind.

About 10 years ago, James happened to serve as the president of Magnalinx LLC. The company was based in the state of Delaware and later relocated to California.

Also sometime in the past, he is said to have vice president-ed the Motion Pictures and the Hollywood Entertainment Partners Inc.

James Westbrook Past [Criminal Background]

A Reddit thread, consisting of a blog with the title “Tati Westbrook drama – Criminal background revealed” was made available to its readers, a year before.

But, now, amid October in 2020, the article was no longer available. An excerpt from it said Tati’s husband James Westbrook has a colorful history from drug convictions, lawsuits. Also, the writing alleged him for making his dying mother sign over her house, on the same day her oxygen was turned off.

But down in the comment section, some people wrote how the “article sources may have been legit” but the style of writing surely felt biased. “If there is criminal activity behind Tati’s business that consumers should be aware of, then investigate. Until then, this article just feels ugly”, they voiced in support for Tati, also James’s criminal rumors concerning his past.

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