James Hough met a hike in stardom, at the very start of the show, Below Deck. The 8th season of the show returned with the yacht My Seanna, also the one used in the 6th season.

As a deckhand, James brings out the best of him, alongside entertainment with his jolly nature. If you’re curious about James’ personality, his family background, girlfriend, as well as his salary as a crew member, subscribe to the article.

James Hough Age, Birthday, Zodiac

James Hough turned 30 years of age on his 2020 birthday. However, his exact birthday is still a secret to the public. Hence, James’ zodiac sign also remains concealed due to this.

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James Hough Wiki — Family, Nationality, Background

James is from Northern England, which makes him English by nationality. He grew up in a family of five with his parents and two siblings.

James Hough was born to parents, Elaine and Tom Hough. Not only with his parents but the man is also very close to his brothers, Henry and Charles Hough. 

However, James has not opened up in detail about his family background. However, his family members are all active on Instagram, which makes it easy for his followers to keep an update of personal life.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

James Hough possesses a no-less than a model look. His incredible height of 6 feet goes best with his weight of under 86 kgs.

James is neither a model nor an actor, has such alluring looks that even the ones in the business dream of having. From his jaw-line, his smile, to his overall body structure, his distinct features shape him perfectly from all aspects.

Nevertheless, it’s no surprise that his followers look forward to seeing James going for movies or TV shows someday.

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Social Media Reach: IG, Facebook, Twitter

As his BravoTV bio says, “James Hough is a charismatic guy”, looks like his charisma is more on-field than on social media.

Obviously, the man has an Instagram account where he keeps sharing his time spent with his family. But James doesn’t seem to like overdoing anything as he posts rarely on IG too.

Over three years of having an IG account until early November 2020, and not having even a hundred pictures, is what James is. Despite that, James had more than 1.3K followers on his Instagram to date.

Talking about his other social media accounts, including Facebook and Twitter, James might be not interested in those. His active rate is already low on his IG, so having a Facebook or Twitter certainly makes less sense with that rate.

James Hough Net Worth, Salary, Below Deck

BravoTV’s Below Deck is what gained high popularity to James Hough, in a very short time. Below Deck is an American reality series that covers the overall life of the yachties, the yacht crews.

James became the 8th season show crew member for Below Deck. The season premiered on 2nd November 2020, gaining James unthought-of fame since the very beginning.

James is a handsome hunk of the season with frisky nature. However, clearly, from his dedication, certainly, his job comes first to him.

James’ playful behaviors make every episode interesting while his hard-working aspect helps viewers explore more into one person. This surely encourages many to live their life to the fullest, exploring and expressing side on oneself.

Moreover, James Hough is a deckhand for the 8th season of Below Deck which earns him a salary of around $40-52K. Hence, James’ net worth is over $300 thousand for the work he is engaged in.

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James Hough Girlfriend, Dating, Wife

Showing up for quite some time on TV now, James Hough has never committed to any serious relationship. His flirtatious nature is apparent to all but a genuine girlfriend most likely has a far-fetched time.

However, during an episode of Below Deck, James was found spending ardent time with Elizabeth Frankini, a My Seanna stewardess. Not only James but Elizabeth too got flirtatious.

After enjoying a relaxing period in the jacuzzi, the two shared an intimate kiss.

To James’ fans, his time with Elizabeth was a gesture from him to start genuine dating. Maybe the man in his 30s finds the one, perfect for a wife, sooner or later.

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