After Tamyra Mensha-Stock won her medal, she shared her life stories in an interview. Her life story had heartbreaks and losing people dear to her, but it also had other dearest ones who inspired her to keep pursuing her dreams no matter what. One of the most important figures was her husband Jacob Stock.

Learn more about him with this Jacob Stock Wiki.

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Jacob Stock Age

Jacob Stock was born on 9 July 1993. He celebrated turning 28 years old in July of 2021. Per that information, he is a Cancer by zodiac sign.

His Family, Hometown

Jacob Stock was born to his anonymous parents in his hometown of Katy, Texas, United States. He was extremely private about his own life as well as his family’s. Hence, his parents and his siblings stay away from public attention.

Furthermore, Jacob doesn’t seem to be on any of the social media platforms. Because of this reason, most of his family members remain away from the public radar.

However, we’ve discovered some of his family members. Donnellan Stock, Kim Stock, Mike Stock, Vincent Stock, John Stock, Kasandra Stock, David Stock, and Garrett Stock are some of the family members.

Jacob Stock Height

Jacob Stock is a tall white guy standing at the height of 6 feet 1 inch (1.85 meters). He weighed nearly 98 kilograms (216 lbs). Talking about his wife, Tamyra stood tall at 1.65 meters and weighed 69 kilograms.

His Instagram, Facebook

As shared, Jacob Stock’s private life stays private. He doesn’t seem to be on any of the social media platforms from where he can discover information related to him. The list included widely used social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

However, Jacob was on Twitter with 2 followers and 6 followings with 8 tweets in total.

Whereas, Tamyra is on Instagram with 105k followers and posted nearly 505 times on her IG. She is also on Twitter with 24.7k followers. She tweeted nearly 2000 times in total (5/8/2021).

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Jacob Stock Job

Similar to Tamyra, Jacob Stock also pursued wrestling as his career since high school. He must’ve been a part of the wrestling team, but the year which he spent in middle school remains a mystery. In WBU, he was the captain of the Men’s Wrestling Team.

At Wayland, Jacob wrestled in 13 matches and scored 15 dual points for the college.

As shared by Tamyra in her interviews, Jacob Stock attended Morton Ranch High School along with her where he was a prep wrestler. After high school graduation, he joined Wayland Baptist University.

Coming from a similar sports background, Jacob understood what it took and what was necessary to keep the spirits up in the sports. While pursuing his own dreams, Jacob also inspired and motivated his wife by constantly reassuring Tamyra she could do anything.

Texas-native Jacob Stock should probably have a total net worth of over $500 thousand.

Jacob Stock And Tamyra Mensah-Stock: Wedding, Kids

Jacob Stock and Tamyra Mensah-Stock’s relationship was confirmed for the first time in February of 2014. As reported on online news portals, he and Tamyra never dated in high school. But, she was spellbound with him from the very start and dubbed him her high school crush.

In an interview, Jacob praised his wife claiming that she was a bit of an oxymoron. He also named her a walking paradox where he’s ready to go at any time, but at her time. He didn’t miss sharing that she had a big heart and did things for the right reason.

According to Jacob, Tamyra was still the goofy girl and never changed from what she was. But, when the responsibility stands in front of him, she pushed everything aside and focused on the task at hand.

Tamyra followed her husband from the very beginning. Since Jacob planned on joining WBU to pursue a wrestling career, she made up her mind to join him. Tamyra admired Jacob as a person and an athlete. She never believed that he would ever talk to her and named Jacob her ‘super crush.’

They started dating in their junior year of college.


Jacob and Tamyra together in July of 2017 (Pic: Tamyra’s FB)

Tamyra and Jacob married on 24 July 2016. They didn’t have a big wedding and shared the news of their marriage word of mouth.

The family now lives in Colorado Spring, Colorado. They are parents to two Shih Tzu terriers, Otis and Lula. But, Tamyra spoke about her plans about having kids and becoming a mother with Win-Magazine.

Tamyra lost a lot of people in her life, her father, her best friend a few weeks before her Olympic trial. Jacob understands what it is like and shared the fact that when people lose people as his wife did, he/she comes to an understanding that people have limited time on earth.

So, Jacob inspires his wife to make the best of each day after you wake up.

In a tweet from September of 2019, Tamyra shared her husband was awesome without even realizing it. He went to sleep as early as her and woke up with him around 4 am.”

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