In the world of social media, it is easier for people to make a career out of their passion. However, they must be willing to give it their all without leaving an ounce under the tank. Somewhat similar was the story with Jackie Aina.

With her parent’s dreams of making her a doctor, Jackie defied all odds and followed her passion for beauty and makeup. Even though it looked like a big opportunity went begging, Jackie earned the title of “Beauty Guru” and represented herself as an ambassador of women’s beauty and African American culture.

Know more about this influential character from the article below.

Family Plus Net Worth Info

Jackie Aina was born as Jacquelyn Lonje Olayiwola Oyeshola Bolayemi Aina on 4 August 1987 in the United States. Her mother represented American ethnicity whereas her father embraced African background — making her a mix of both.

Also, she was the eldest of her six siblings in the family and her parents had high hopes in store for her. Unfortunately, that was not possible as Jackie dropped out of medical school to train in a beauty school.

Soon she started off her self-entitled beauty channel on YouTube and garnered a following of 3.4 million subscribers till 2020. Similarly, she posted reviews of beauty products and embraces various brands on her channel which escalated her net worth to $600 thousand.

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Height, Weight, Measurements

Jackie Aina stands as a role model for many young makeup artists trying to find a foothold in the industry.

So, it seems only fair she comes out in the best shape she possibly can. Standing at a height of 5 feet 5 inches and weighing around 63kgs, the makeup guru possesses a slim body frame.

Her measurements are 34-27-37 inches which remained that more most part.

Jackie Aina Boyfriend, Dating Details

Jackie Aina established her name as a brand all over the world of glamour and beauty. But starting with 2019, her dating life was put into the spotlight on numerous occasions.

It was noting something new that the makeup queen was dating a boyfriend. The lucky guy was nonother than the British Entrepreneur Denis Asamoah.

The two started dating each other since 2016 and their love was going strong. Eventually, their love evolved as they welcomed 2019 with a bang.

Jackie Aina Engaged, Wedding

After becoming a couple for more than three years, fans were getting curious about the next chapter in their love story.

Suddenly, the moment came, and when Denis Asamoah went down on his knees and proposed her lady love. It was on the occasion of Jackie Aina’s birthday too. Little did she expect to get proposed on her special day.

Also, the location was exquisite as the couple was vacationing in Santorini, Greece. He booked a private rooftop with a direct view of the sunset and played her favorite music before bending his knees. Jackie was also delighted and before you know it the two got engaged. Now it will be interesting to see their plans for their wedding.

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About Her To-Be Husband

By the looks of things Denis and Jackie might end up getting married, but it’s up to them to decide. However, here are some of the lesser-known facts about her possible to be husband.

Known as “Mr. Work Smarter”, Denis can be called a social media influencer on his right. By 2020, he boasted 40K followers on his Instagram and posted videos of men’s lifestyle, travel and ways to work smarter on his Youtube.


Jackie Aina and Fiance Denis Asamoah celebrate Valentines Day in 2020 (Pic: Jackie’s Instagram)

To be precise: Dennis can be called a productivity coach who gives seminars, writes books, and teaches people to work smart.

Do Jackie & Denis Have Children?

Since the proposal made by Denis to Jackie went into the internet, the duo was charged with questions of children.

While they both didn’t talk about it extensively, it up to them if they want to have children or not in the future.

Nonetheless, Jackie treated her niece like an offspring. The beauty guru even featured her niece in one of her YouTube videos.

Previously Married, Former Husband, Divorce

Even though it seemed like a perfect first love story for Jackie Aina, all was not well for her in her previous marriage.

While her time in Hawaii, Jackie got married and spend years with her former husband. However, she did not have many fond memories of the marriage and hated their relationship.

Finally, she got divorced and as of 2020, starting a new journey with her loved ones.

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