For a long time, American pastry chef, food writer, and YouTube personality, Claire Saffitz kept her dating life in suspense from her audience until recently the rumor about her marriage surfaced. So, the rumor is true!

She is indeed married to none other than her fellow chef, Harris Mayer-Selinger.

Here’s everything you need to know about Harris who managed to steal our beloved Harvard University graduate, for good.

Harris Mayer-Selinger Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Harris Mayerselinger was born on July 19, 1984. So, he turned 36 years of age in 2020. Xanax

Based on his birthday, one can say, he is Cancer.

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Harris Mayer-Selinger Wiki — Family, Religion, Hometown

Harris Mayer-Selinger, according to, lived in New York, New York. While in the past, Harris lived in his hometown of Port Washington, New York.

Also, according to the site, Harris’s ethnicity and religion are listed respectively as Caucasian and Jewish.

Still, for now, his family background remained under the carpet.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Harris Mayer-Selinger stands to a height of 5′ 10″ which is 1.76 meters with considerable yet undocumented body weight.

He has two prominent dimples on both cheeks. Also, his eyes are an amazing blend of grey, green, and brown shades.

Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Harris Mayer-Selinger was on Instagram with 702 followers. Also, on the site, he had shared 8 posts (until 4th December in 2020). However, for some reason, he did not want people other than his followers prying on his social media content.

Harris also opened a page on Facebook where he is comparatively more active and shares a range of recipes he prepares in his kitchen.

Harris Mayer-Selinger Net Worth, Job, Education

Harris studied Culinary Arts at The Culinary Institute of America for a year between 2006 – 2007.

Previously, from 2002 until 2006, Harris went to Cornell University for B.S. in Hospitality Management. Not to mention, for high school, he went to Paul Schreiber Senior High School.

Eventually, he moved on from working as a Sous Chef for Hundred Acres to being Chef de Cuisine at Five Points Restaurant until he landed his recent jobs.

Since October 2015, he has been a managing partner with Creamline in Greater New York City Area. All along, he also continued serving in the position of president and founder at Hospitality Made Simple.
This way, Harris Mayer-Selinger reportedly accumulated a net worth of more than $1.5 million.

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Harris Mayer-Selinger & Claire Saffitz: Dating, Wedding, Kids

Harris Mayer-Selinger and Claire Saffitz got married on 16th May in 2020. But it was not until September, that the world knew of it.


The rarest picture of Harris Mayer-Selinger with his wife (PIC: Harris’s LinkedIn)

Claire, the star of the popular Bon Appetit web series revealed the happy news that she and boyfriend Harris Mayer-Selinger got married on the 8th of September.

The newly-married lived in the Upper West Side neighborhood of New York City with their two cats, Maya and Felix, whom they loved as any parents would to their children. At the time of this writing, they did not have any kids.

So far we know, the two have been dating since some time in 2014.

And surprisingly, it was Claire, who otherwise remained very private about her affairs, that clarified she was no more a single lady. In a video taken for New York Magazine, she had revealed her daily life routine as a pastry chef. And at one part of the video, she gushed about how her boyfriend is also a cook.

Who Is Claire Saffitz?

For some of you who already do not know Claire Saffitz: Claire, like her husband, was born into an Ashkenazi Jewish family.

September of 2020 made her 34 years of age.

She graduated from Harvard University with a BA in U.S. History and Literature, after which she studied French Cuisine and Pastry at École Grégoire-Ferrandi in Paris, France.

Eventually, she as well received a master’s degree in History at McGill University, with a focus on French culinary history in the early modern era.

Above all, it is as a contributing editor at Bon Appétit magazine and as the host of Bon Appétit YouTube channel, most notably Gourmet Makes, that made her the star she is today.

Moving on to a new venture, she also published a cookbook with the title Dessert Person, which turned out to be a New York Times Best Seller.

In the meantime, she continued working: as a video host on her own YouTube channel, plus as a freelance recipe developer.

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