On 14 July 2020, the death of Goakada’s founder Fahim Saleh shocked the world. However, a more terrifying revelation was made when the reason for his was declared to be murder.

His body was found decapitated and dismembered with a power saw in his apartment. Fahim’s arms and legs below the knees were removed and stuffed in plastic bags.

As the surveillance camera on the elevator showed, he was last spotted sharing an elevator ride with an anonymous person holding a bag. With his death, searches on Fahim’s profile sky-rocketed posthumously.

To cater to the need, we’ve created this wiki-article based on the life of Fahim Saleh, so delve down to learn more about him.

Bio — Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Fahim Saleh was born on 13 December 1986. He turned 33 years old while celebrating his birthday in December of 2019.

Per his date of birth, Fahim secured Sagittarius for a zodiac sign.

Fahim Saleh Wiki — Ethnicity, Parents, Siblings

Fahim Saleh was born to his beloved parents in Saudi Arabia. Other than that, no further information regarding their parents saw the light of the day including their identity.

Both of his parents originally belonged to Bangladesh. Because of this reason, Fahim inherited Bengali heritage from his parents.

As a child, Fahim and his two siblings, two unnamed sisters, move around with his family. However, later on, the family settled in New York. What’s more, he spent most of his childhood in Poughkeepsie.

More on his childhood days: Fahim tended to get into trouble. Some of the hooligan acts he did were overlooked whereas the other almost cost him and his family life they had dreamt in the states.

However, one shenanigan which he did cost the family $500 leaving the family at only $1000. Out of the fear that his family might get deported or have to leave voluntarily, his father went on to get a job in the university teaching computer science.

The incident hit Fahim as a wake-up call cutting off all the hooliganism from his life.

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Fahim Saleh Height, Weight, Distinct Features

The Pathao co-founder stood at a height of 5 feet 9 inches (1.75 meters). On the other hand, he had a bodyweight of  59 kilograms (130 lbs).

The ones who knew him noted Fahim’s presentable looks and dyed hair as his distinct features. The Poughkeepsie-native brown skin makes him stand out among the crowd.

Social Media Reach: IG, Facebook, Twitter

Getting into his social media reach, despite his crazy unimaginable schedule, he still found some time to get in touch with his followers. His Instagram garnered him a total of 2551 followers at the time of penning this piece.

Likewise, his Twitter account earned him 2723 followers. However, Fahim’s Facebook account managed to earn him 2033 followers at the same time.

Fahim Saleh Net Worth, Salary, Education

Fahim Saleh attended Bentley University in Boston, Massachusetts. While there, he earned his bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems.

However, Fahim’s love for computers started early on when he was studying in the eighth grade. He read circulars and articles regarding the new developments in the world of computers and became fascinated by it.

Moreover, his occasional correspondence with YouTube co-founder, Jawed Karim, made his convictions stronger. He started, his first website.

He also created an online hanging out site with his expertise as a programmer. The site turned out to be a huge success earning him a couple of dollars.

Fahim sold the website on the E-bay for $2,000.

He went on creating websites and practiced his programming skills with Kyle Kapper, Ohio-native tech-guy. On his quest for programming experimentation, he founded two successful apps, TapFury and Ninja Fish. He also created PrankDial.

Among all the innovative ventures Fahim initiated, Gokada earned him all the fortune and fame which he ever made. He launched the transport app service in Lagos, Nigeria in 2018.

Fahim also co-founded Hackhouse and based it in Dhaka, Bangladesh. He also formed Pathao, on-demand motorcycle-taxi service like Gokada.

Getting into his net worth, Fahim Saleh’s company was worth about $100 million. With the fortune he made online, Fahim bought a $2.2 million apartment at E. Houston Street in New York’s lower east side.

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Fahim Saleh Wife, Girlfriend, Gay

Though Fahim Saleh’s professional life unfolded like an open book, his romantic life maintained an untouched mystery. None of his admirers spotted him getting cozy with a prospective girlfriend out in the street or on social media platforms.

However, he certainly attracted many females with his success and fortune.

Because of the reason, some even assumed him to be a closeted-gay. However, Fahim never succumbed to the temptation to say something in that regard. So, details on his sexual orientation have faded away with him passing away in July of 2020.

Personal Assistant Arrested!

On 17th July 2020, three days after Fahim Saleh’s dismembered body was discovered, the NYC police arrested Tyrese Devon Haspil.

21 at the time, Tyrese worked as Fahim’s personal assistant.

According to sources speaking to PEOPLE Magazine, Tyrese’s motive to kill Fahim was financial.

The friction between them began when Fahim had learned that Tyrese had swindled thousands of dollars from his account. Instead of going to the police, Fahim had arranged for Tyrese to repay the stolen money over time.

Following his arrest, authorities brought fought several charges against Tyrese including second-degree murder.

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