Ethan Andrew leaped to fame in 2020 after accusing James Charles of sending nudes when he was a minor. What’s more, the beauty mogul’s rep denied the allegation.

Delve into Ethan Andrew’s wiki and learn about the allegations. Furthermore, find out his age, family, and height.

Ethan Andrew & James Charles Controversy

In a July 2020 vlog posted on his YouTube channel, Ethan made hair allegations against James Charles. Also, he titled the video “Dear James Charles… No More Sister.”

According to Ethan, he slid into James’ DM after a friend dared him. To their surprise, the YouTuber responded positively.

As things progressed, James eventually added Ethan on Snapchat. The beauty mogul then began sending him nudes and even offered him invitations to LA.

Ethan argued James did all this knowing he was 14 years old. When he asked James to cease the advances, the YouTuber threatened to out him.

Furthermore, Ethan claimed James referenced their interaction while appearing in Logan Paul’s podcast.

To Ethan’s surprise, most who viewed his video didn’t seem to believe him. Some even accused him of deleting texts exchange between him and James to support his story.

Interestingly, some suggested James Charles paid Ethan to make up the story.

Meanwhile, Dennis Feitosa revealed Ethan involved law enforcement and lawyers.

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Ethan Andrew Wiki — Age, Family, Height

He was born with the real name Ethan Rhett.

Reportedly, Ethan Andrew possessed Caucasian ethnicity. Similarly, he owned an American passport.

Interestingly, his parents were mysterious figures. A native of Dallas, Texas, Ethan grew up alongside 2 siblings: a baby brother and a baby sister.

Suffice to conclude, Ethan Andrew came from a family of 5.

In Fall 2019, Ethan turned 14 years old. Similarly, he celebrated his birthday on 7th September.

As for his Zodiac sign, Ethan was born a Virgo.

Talking height, Ethan Andrew stood beyond 5 feet 3 inches at 14. Also, he reportedly weighed under 55 kg.

Many expected Ethan’s stature to grow once he hits puberty.

Circa 2019, Ethan began posting content across all social media platforms. As of late-July 2020, he had around 7 thousand subscribers on YouTube and 331 thousand followers on TikTok.

On Instagram, Ethan operated under the handle @ethanrhett7. At the peak of the James Charles controversy, he deleted it at 23.5 thousand followers.

Is He Gay?

From what it seemed, Ethan Andrew identified as a gay teen.

Also, going by the above stated YouTube video, Ethan wasn’t yet comfortable opening about his dating experience.

As of Summer 2020, Ethan didn’t appear to have a boyfriend.

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