In late-October 2020, TLC premiered its latest series titled “I Love A Mama’s Boy”. Among the several couples featured on the show, Emily Chu & Shekeb Sekander were one of the fan favorites. Starring next to them was Shekeb’s overprotective mother Laila who openly disapproved of Emily.

This Emily Chu wiki attempts to highlight her heritage, job, and parents. What’s more, it explores her height, Instagram, and age!

Emily Chu Age, Birthday, Zodiac

When “I Love A Mama’s Boy” premiered in Oct 2020, Emily Chu was 24 years of age. Meanwhile, Shekeb Sekander had turned 30 that year.

Info concerning Emily’s zodiac and birthday seemed hidden.

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Emily Chu Wiki — Heritage, Parents, Siblings

Per sources online, Emily Chu hails from South East Asian descent. But sadly, questions about her parents and siblings remained unanswered.

In stark contrast, her beau, Shekeb carries Arab ancestry.

The cultural and religious differences between Emily & Shekeb was palpable from the start. No wonder, Shekeb’s conservative mother Laila was vehemently against their union.

Regardless of their ethnic background, both Emily & Shekeb were American nationals.

For a family, Emily has a little poodle named Mimi. She regularly flaunts him on her Instagram.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Although not confirmed, Emily Chu stands around 5 feet 4 inches in height. Likewise, her weight hovered under 58 kilograms.

To mention her distinct features, Emily owns an oval face. Moreover, her luscious black hair turns heads.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Family, Twitter

Find Emily from “I Love A Mama’s Boy” on Instagram @emilyhmchu!

Emily’s earliest IG posts date back to August 2019. By October 2020, she had uploaded around 17 posts and gathered 119 followers.

On her Instagram bio, Emily claimed— ”Happiness is a form of courage.”

Elsewhere on Twitter bio, she wrote— “pain is love and love is pain.”

Moreover, in September 2020, Emily launched her Twitter. On the platform, she interacted with fans of the TLC show.

Emily also had opened her account on Facebook. However, she didn’t seem as active on the platform.

Emily Chu Job, Net Worth, Education

Those who watched the early trailers of “I Love A Mama’s Boy” realized Shekeb Sekander made his living as an actor.

However, the same fans had little to no clue about Emily Chu’s job. The same degree of anonymity extended to her education and net worth.

For appearing on the TLC series, Emily reportedly took home $13 thousand per season. According to reports online, she might have recieved $10 thousand for regular episodes & $3 thousand for the tell-all episode.

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Emily Chu & Shekeb Sekander: Dating, Engaged, Wedding

When season 1 of “I Love A Mama’s Boy” first aired, Emily Chu & Shekeb Sekander were yet to become an engaged duo. Fellow castmates Justina & Jason were the only pair to hit the milestone at the time.

Circa 2018, Emily met Shekeb. They soon fell for one another and commenced dating.

For the first year and a half of their relationship, Shekeb allegedly hid Emily from his mother, Laila. Emily would later understand why.

Unlike other future mothers-in-law on the show, Laila strongly voiced her disapproval of Emily. She cited the couple’s vast religious and cultural differences.

Being a mama’s boy, Shekeb lived with his parents. As seen on the show, even with Emily’s constant push him to move out of the house & start a new life with her, he feared disappointing his mother.

By his admission, Shekeb found it stressful to stretch his time between Emily and Laila.

If you are wondering about “I Love A Mama’s Boy” stars Emily and Shekeb’s relationship status— Going by their IG posts (as of Oct 2020), they didn’t seem to be together.

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