Elly Brown became a household name as the wife of the world-renowned magician Rick Lax. Based in Las Vegas, Rick had garnered a huge fan following because of his entertaining hacks on Facebook.

A star in her right, Elly deserves a Wiki profile. With that in mind, we’ve compiled facts on Elly and her age, family background, and net worth. Moreover, read about her struggle with cancer in the piece below!

Bio — Age, Birthday, Height

In early 2020, Elly Brown turned 42 years old. Born on 30 January, Elly celebrated her birthday on National Croissant Day. Plus, she is an Aquarius and inherits witty imagination from her birth sign.

A natural blonde, Elly struggles to put on weight because of cancer. Nonetheless, she seems healthy enough while maintaining a height of around five feet and seven inches. In terms of distinct features, Elly boasts a distinct scar that runs down from her lips to the chin.

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Elly Brown Wiki — Parents, Siblings, Family

Elly was born with the real name Elizabeth Anna Brown to parents: Mike and Carrie Brown. A native of Montgomery, Pennsylvania, Elly Brown grew up next to three siblings: Michael, Larissa, and Rob Brown.

A U.S. Air Force Veteran, Mike passed away in 2019. He was married to Elly’s mother until the day he died. Following their father’s path, Elly’s brother Michael joined and served in the military.

Meanwhile, Larissa attended a theater school. Witnessing her sister achieve amazing things, Elly decided to do the same and relocated to Las Vegas in search of musical success.

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Elly Brown Net Worth, Job, Movies & Music

After arriving in Las Vegas, Nevada, Elly Brown landed several modeling gigs. In subsequent years, she became part of the musical groups titled “The Sound Collage” and “The Beverly Belles.”

Additionally, Elly sang on the cruise ships, shared stage with Jubilee showgirls troupe, and hosted several events. Venturing into movies, Elly acted in the movie “Alien Domicile.”

Upon surviving bouts with cancer, Elly dabbled in activism, raising awareness on the disease. Eventually, Elly garnered the title of an inspiring influencer. Still, her net worth hovered around $700 thousand.

According to her social media profiles, Elly identified as an entertainer and a motivational speaker. On Instagram, over 25K people followed her (May 2020). Meanwhile, Elly seemed active on both Facebook and Twitter. She also used YouTube to promote her lifestyle and update fans on her struggles.

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Life Before & After Cancer

Since high school, Elly Brown possessed a white patch on her tongue. A dentist had advised her to check the patch every two years. Fast forward to the year 2017, the same patch had developed into a lump. Later, she learned it was oral cancer.

Elly underwent surgery to remove cancer. As a result, she developed a speech impediment. Even worse, Elly continued to feel the pain around her tongue region. Upon undergoing a biopsy, Elly discovered that cancer had returned and was now more aggressive than ever before.

For the second time, Elly underwent surgery on her tongue. As part of the procedure, the doctors removed half of her tongue and used the muscle and skin from the right leg to build a new one. In subsequent years, Elly experienced two rounds of chemotherapy and 30 rounds of radiation.

In 2019, Elly suffered another setback after learning she had breast cancer. Undeterred and motivated, she showed resilience in her fight against the disease. What’s more, Elly felt motivated to battle cancer after hearing similar struggles from her followers.

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Elly Brown & Rick Lax: Dating, Engaged, Married

Admittedly, Elly Brown met the Los Vegas-based entertainer Rick Lax via Facebook. After a blissful dating period, Elly and Rick got engaged. Several online sites noted the duo’s engagement took place before March 2019.

As of May 2020, Elly and fiance Rick were still enjoying their lives as an engaged duo. They even owned a dog named Bodhi. ( Sadly, the pair hadn’t set a date on when they would marry. What’s more, Elly and Rick opted not to speak on the kind of wedding the two wanted.

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