Just over two months since fans witnessed Dale Moss get down on one knee before Clare Crawley as The Bachelorette‘s season 16 winner, rumor had it he cheated on her, all through the engagement. And that the mystery woman behind the mysterious affair was Eleonora Srugo, a New York City-based real estate agent.

Here’s everything you need to know about her.

Eleonora Srugo Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Born on October 6, 1988, Eleonora Srugo turned 32 years of age in 2020.

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Eleonora Srugo Wiki — Family, Hometown, Education

Originally from her hometown of Manhattan, New York, Eleonora Srugo, as of 2021, lived in New York, New York.

Between 2004 and 2008, she got her BS in Business Administration from Boston University Questrom School of Business. Before this, she attended Stuyvesant High School (2000 – 2004) and Harvard Extension School.

Speaking of her family background, we could only tell she is very fond of her grandmother Bella and siblings-like cousins, Hagar Srugo Dahari and Dan Srugo.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Eleonora Srugo, with her passable-model features, stands tall in 5′ 4″ height and a lately reported weight of under 53 kg.

Beautiful Hebrew-speaker flaunting her hour-glass figure had long mild-blond hair and brown eyes.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

Eleonora’s private account on Instagram had 444 posts and
23.1k followers (until Jan. 22 in 2021).

Further, she had a much lesser fan-following on Facebook and for some reason, her Twitter profile had been deleted.

Eleonora Srugo Net Worth, Job, Career

Eleonora, a self-described “Top Producing Real Estate Salesperson in New York City”, according to her LinkedIn page, is a founder at Eleonora Srugo Team. She continued in real estate at Douglas Elliman Real from Nov. 2009.

Further, at the time, she had been the founder of the SHS Mentoring Program since May 2014. Besides, she also ran a separate business. And just so you know, all of the aforementioned endeavors of hers took place in New York City only.

For the net worth, Eleonora Srugo acquiring a Real Estate Board of New York license had saved over $800 thousand in 2021.

Eleonora Srugo Dale Moss, Clare Crawley, Cheating

On Jan. 20, 2021, Dale Moss, out of nowhere, announced his separation from Clare.

He took to Instagram, to let everyone know they were no longer together but still on good terms.

Dale’s Instagram post, which came in shortly after E! News reported the pair were taking time apart, obviously took everyone by surprise because nobody predicted their courtship to end this way. Just a few weeks prior they were still confessing their love for each other and Instagramming couple-goal pictures.

And while Dale shared this as part of the announcement, Clare had something else to say.


What Dale Moss had to say on his separation with Clare Crawley (PIC: Dale’s IG)

She did not seem as okay with them going separate ways as Dale made his Insta-fandom believe. In fact, she was as surprised to read it as the rest of the world was.

So, two days after what Dale had to say, Clare too broke her silence and, in the process, stressed being caught off guard by her ex-fiancé.


What Clare Crawley had to say on the split (PIC: Clare’s IG)

Now, this is where Eleonora Srugo gets in the picture.

Amid all these, while Dale failed to mention anything about suspicions of cheating, multiple sources told E! News that Clare believes that Dale has been cheating on her throughout their engagement. So, E! confirmed it is Eleonora, with whom Dale was having an affair while also being engaged to Clare. They went on writing, how Dale has known Eleonora way longer than he knew Clare. And she was “a root cause” of a lot of arguments between Dale and Clare.

Reportedly, multiple people told Clare that Dale was parading Eleonora around NYC. Dale, meanwhile, would dismiss the rumors saying it was a business relationship between him and Eleonora, and that “Clare has always been skeptical”.

Since 2019, the rumored-lovers have been interacting on Instagram, Dale occasionally commenting on Eleonora’s posts in the months before he appeared on The Bachelorette.

In March 2020, he had commented “RBF :)” on a photo she posted of herself sitting in a bathing suit poolside. Likewise, when she shared a snap of herself dressed up as Princess Leia on May 4, Dale had written, “Yessssss.” And, lately, he liked her Nov. 4, 2020 post.

More so, in December 2019, before Dale was revealed as a contestant on The Bachelorette, he posted a group photo with his arm around the lady from a sponsored dinner in Manhattan. “Regardless of how many events, premiers or parties I go to, NOTHING beats having a random night out with friends to celebrate one another”, he had worded the caption. (

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