Teddy Riley hit the headlines for the umpteenth time in mid-April 2020. While the world was fighting with Coronavirus, he took to IG live and battled fellow producer Babyface. With the headline-grabbing showcasing, Teddy’s married life garnered attention. So did the public’s interest in his wife Donna Roberts.

Read the wiki below and get familiar with Donna’s age, height, and net worth. Additionally, know about her relationship with Teddy and their children!

How Old Is Donna Roberts? Wiki, Job, Height

Donna Roberts rose to celebrity status as the wife of Teddy Riley. As such, she didn’t own a Wikipedia profile. Moreover, her public life didn’t extend beyond the legendary songwriter.

Interestingly, Teddy’s official Wikipedia page didn’t mention Donna. That said, everyone could tell that she held an American nationality while owning African-American ethnicity.

While Teddy made his mark as an iconic musical figure, Donna seemed content with the anonymous lifestyle. Therefore, her job title, net worth, and family background eluded the prying eyes.

Looking at her pictures, Donna appeared no older than 47 years in age. Her height, on the other hand, surpassed the five feet and six inches frame.

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Donna Roberts Teddy Riley, Children, Wedding

Before Donna Roberts, Teddy Riley enjoyed romantic ties with Melinda Santiago and Alicia Etheredge. The musician’s history with his former partners remained a closed knit affair.

According to Teddy, the “Let’s Chill” hitmaker met his future wife Donna at a Wilson’s Leather Store. At the time, she worked there. Admittedly, the encounter inspired Teddy to pen the classic record “I Want Her.”

Donna and Teddy would eventually get married in a lavish wedding ceremony. Sadly, the date of their marriage evaded public records.

From their marriage, Donna and Teddy became parents of three children: Dejanee, Taja, and Tiarra. Additionally, the latter was a father to five kids: Nia Riley, Samar Riley, Lil Teddy Riley, Dante Horne, and TJ Riley.

According to, Donna gave birth to her daughter around 1994. Taja and Tiarra, meanwhile, were born in 1991 and 2001 respectively.

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Who Is Teddy Riley?

On 8th October 2019, Teddy Riley turned 52 years of age. A child prodigy, the Harlem, New York-native began producing music as a teenager.

With Damian and Aaron Hall, Teddy formed the group “Guy.” When the trio parted ways, he became the part of “Blackstreet.” The group’s first two albums garnered platinum status.

Dubbed the “King of New Jack Swing,” Teddy continued his musical journey as the most sought after producers and writers in the 2000s. As such, he flaunted $3 million net worth.

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