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“I think if you realize we all have the potential for terrible, monstrous deeds –when people don’t choose that, that’s the beauty.” — Cate Shortland.

Cate Shortland explored the human condition for her artwork. Production powerhouse “Cinephiliac” desired her work for its depiction of emotion that is held inside a person. It was horrific and stunning at the same time.

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Cate Shortland Bio, Family, Early life

Cate Shortland was born in New South Wales, Riverina on the 10th of August 1968. She grew up in the Canberra suburb of Duffy.

The “Somersaultdirector’s father drove and later sold trucks while her biological mother was a medical receptionist.

Shortland is the youngest of three daughters. Lisa Shortland – her eldest sibling – works with child cancer patients in Sydney while Anne Charlton – her second eldest sister – is a politician. She described her upbringing as,

There was a power struggle.

Because of the tumultuous environment, her sister Anne ran away from home. After her father turned atheist, they discarded religion in their household. Shortland confirmed that she later reconciled with her father.

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TV Shows, Movies and Career Inspiration

The “Flowergirl” auteur’s introduction to illustrated copy of “Grimm’s Fairy Tales” sowed the seeds for the filmmaker she would become. She found the stories macabre and terrifying and yet it fascinated her. The subject matter she explored in her films are the evidence to it.

Short films like “Pentuphouse,” “Flowergirl” and “Joy” were her initial works from 1998 to 2000. Shortland wrote and directed most of her prior projects herself.

In 2001, creators of  TV Show “The Secret Life of  Us” approached Shortland with an offer to direct episodes for it. The show ran for only two years.

Cate Shortland-Bio-TV Shows And Films-Husband-Children-Net Worth

But the 2004 film “Somersault” put her in the spotlight with positive critique from mainstream panels like Metacritic, Rotten Tomatoes and others. Shen then followed up with the 2006 TV movie “The Silence.”

Shortland went on to make “Lore (2012),” and “Berlin Syndrome (2017)” along with episodes for several other TV shows.

Her illustrious career received all the recognization it required in 2019. Summer that year, the executives at MCU picked Shortland to direct the new “Black Widow” film.

Husband, Children and Net Worth

Director Tony Krawitz is Cat Shortland’s significant other. The filmmakers met each other back in 1990. Commenting on her romance with husband Krawitz, she shared,

I wasn’t trying to find love when I met him. He’s really strong, and he’s really gentle, and he’s funny. And he’s really, really, really smart.

Joyous moments of their love life escalated by the adoption of their two children: Jonathan (b. 1996) and Ruby (b. 2009). While Jonathan was a Zulu born in Malawi, Ruby belonged to Xhosa, South Africa.

Interestingly, the year Ruby was born was also the year that Shortland and her screenwriter husband Krawitz got married.

Jonathan works as a mechanic in Sydney and can look after himself. Little Ruby is learning to get accustomed to her parents’ lifestyle. Shortland notified,

“It’s a bit tricky for Tony and I, who are vagabonds, to travel, but it is difficult for children who have friend and social life and school teachers…

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With all the quality work she put out, Shortland’s total net worth is estimated to be a little over $1 million.

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