Despite not being a celebrity themselves, some people happen to grasp the attention through their inviting charisma. Cassidy Black, the wife of the famous musician Dierks Bentley is one such personality.

How did Cassidy meet her husband? What is her job? How was her early life with her family? If you’re looking for the answers to such questions, subscribe to the article!

Cassidy Black Age, Birthday, Zodiac

Born in the year 1975, Cassidy Black celebrates her birthday on 6th September every year. Thus, the Virgo zodiac lady turned 45 years of age on her 2020 birthday.

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Cassidy Black Wiki — Hometown, Family, Early Life

Cassidy Black never revealed about her early life with her family. However, some reports unveil Arizona to be her hometown, although the lady herself never confirmed the reports.

Her followers always have numerous queries regarding Cassidy’s life with her parents and other family members. But the lady seems to protect her privacy about her life with them. And no surprise, her well-wishers respect that choice of Cassidy.

Whatsoever, Cassidy’s later life with her husband and family has been quite transparent to the public. Her partner is a huge star, and this leaves them no option but to have a public life. But no regrets, as their fans and followers, respect their choice and love the family tremendously.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

By her height, Cassidy Black stands 5 feet 7 inches tall while her weight is under 50 kgs. Her overall physique goes perfectly well with the height and weight the lady endows.

From her hair, her smile, to her nature, there is nothing that doesn’t fall under distinct features of Cassidy. Her presence itself allures leaves footprints of positivity, despite herself being a reserved person while in the public domain.

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Social Media Reach: IG, Facebook, Twitter

Cassidy seems to not get astounded by the limelight. Just like the lady kept her early family life, a secret, she might not find it necessary for her personal life to be on-screen, every single day.

That is what social media is for and Cassidy has avoided a public Facebook, Twitter, and IG account too. Although the exact reason behind her not being on social media is itself a mystery, her followers have put forward their choice of seeing her on social media. Nonetheless, she keeps making a glimpse of her husband’s IG account.

Also, despite not being on social media, Cassidy’s personality leaves no stone unturned for the media to often have her on news and even headlines in times.

Cassidy Black Job, Net Worth, Education

Cassidy Black went to Ingleside Middle School situated in Phoenix, Arizona, for her initial education. Although much detail of her latter education is not available in public, she is a charity runner by her job. The lady completed multiple marathons for the cause of charity.

Similarly, much information on Cassidy’s net worth is not available to the public. However, her husband’s net worth rises to $30 million, which is no surprise for the renowned musician the man is.

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Cassidy Black & Dierks Bentley: Kids, Wedding, How They Met?

Cassidy Black has been married to the love of her life, the well-known musician, Dierks Bentley for nearly 2 decades. The wedding took place on 17th December 2005 in Mexico. Their seeming love has left many with the question “How They Met?” 

Cassidy and Dierks know each other since grade 8. They were already together for more than 14 years when they tied knots. The couple proved to be one of the most loved and looked up to in terms of love, respect, and the true essence of being together. Dierks keeps dedicating his achievements as well as performances to his lovely wife, the ideal one anyone would ever ask for.

Together, the couple has 3 kids, two daughters, and a son. Their daughters, Evelyn and Jordan were born in the year 2008 and 2010 respectively while their son, Knox came into the world in the year 2013.


Cassidy Black with her husband Dierks Bentley and kids. (Pic- Dierks’ IG)

Cassidy and Dierks’ kids are already in their parents’ footsteps for the kind of people they are and the interests they’ve shown. This ideal family of 5 inspired hundreds of people as a family and showed the true spirit of love to the world.

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