Carol Sbarge is a revered journalist best recognized for her reporting on generation-defining events such as the “Atlanta Courthouse Shooting” and “Olympic Park.”

By reading along, get yourself educated with Carol’s married status, salary, and wiki details!

Carol Sbarge Wiki — Age, Family, Birthday

Carol Sbarge gets showered with birthday wishes on 20th December every calendar year.

Indeed! Carol is aging like a fine wine. The years have done very little or nothing to brittle her natural beauty.

Unsurprisingly, wiki-centric profiles belonging to Carol make no mention of her age. For all the fans who may care, she could be in her 60s.

Discussing family life: Carol lost both of her biological parents to cancer. Watching her father in pain while battling pancreatic cancer, she was inspired to take commitment against the disease.

Talking about her siblings, Carol seems to be on very good terms with her brother.

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Carol Sbarge Net Worth, Salary, Education

Between 1986 and 1992, Carol Sbarge reported news and stories for “WRAL-TV.” Quitting the gig, she took her talents to “WSB-TV.”

Working for the network-owned “Channel 2,” Carol bagged a handsome salary of $80k p.a. that built her $900k net worth.

Three Emmys – more so than the wealth – reflect Carol’s accomplishments as a journalist.

A graduate of SUNY Oneonta, Carol possesses an M.S. in Broadcast Journalism from Boston University. Per her LinkedIn profile, she also attended SUNY Geneseo and American University.

Carole participated in the Purple Stride walk in November 2019 held in Atlanta and helped raised money for pancreatic cancer research.

Back in September 2016, Carol took a trip overseas — Paris, France to be more specific.

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Her Social Media Reach

As of February 2020, Carole had amassed a whopping 10.4k likes on Facebook.

Carole entered the Twitter domain in April 2010. By 2020, the veteran anchor owned a blue check and 11.6k followers.

Only 1.7k followed Carole Sbarge on her Instagram handle (as of February 2020).

Carol Sbarge Husband, Children & Married Life

Carol Sbarge rarely offers an insight into her relationship with her husband — assuming that she has someone to confer the title. Thus, supporters have found it difficult to state her married status.

In stark contrast, Carole can’t help but rave about her children (a son and a daughter named Ashely. What’s more, she regularly tweets about them.

A married woman and mother, Ashley is spouses with her husband Santi. In August 2019, the duo welcomed a daughter named Isabella. Carole congratulated the new parents via Twitter.

Back in the early-2010s, Carole tweeted about her then-teenage son being into highlining.

In February 2020, Carole’s granddaughter Isa turned six months old.

Carole Sbarge’s daughter Ashley released her first album “Paint the Sky” in 2011.

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