Working for “The Young Turks,” Bree Essrig first hit the limelight. Transcending the cute reporter stereotype, she carved a legacy as an internet personality, writer and actress.

Besides her illustrated career, Bree’s personal life always deserved some recognition. With that in mind, read her biography!

How Old Is Bree Essrig? Bio, Siblings, Mother

On 21st April 2019, Bree Essrig turned 29 years of age. Born in 1990, the beloved media personality is a native of Los Angeles, California.

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As the daughter of Michael McCabe, Bree was inclined to thrive in the show-biz. A former actor, her father Michael is a revered person in Hollywood.

Bree’s biological mother, on the other hand, remains a mystery figure. Occasionally, she shares snaps of her mom on Instagram.

To those unfamiliar, Bree is siblings with a sister named Shannon Taylor.

Height, Measurements, Net Worth Info

From 2012 until 2015, Bree Essrig co-hosted “Pop Trigger” — a news and pop culture show housed by the immensely successful network “The Young Turks.”

Leaving “The Young Turks,” Bree began working as a writer/host for “SourceFed.” After two years, she quit the said gig in 2017.

Working as a media personality, Bree also boasts appearances on “The Daily Dot,” “Uproxx,” and “Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls.”

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As an actress, Bree garners acting credit on Elizabeth Banks-directed comedy web series “WhoHaha.”

All her financial exertions pulled together, Bree flaunts a six-digit net worth which funds her affluent lifestyle.

Measuring five feet & three inches in height, Bree owns a model-like body measurements.

Dating, Girlfriend, Husband

Via Twitter, Bree Essrig came out as bisexual in September 2018. Admittedly, the former “Pop Trigger” co-host grew believing that she was straight because her parents said so.

A vocal supporter of LGBTQ causes, Bree proudly advocates against bi-erasure, sexual assault, bullying, and body shaming.

Six months after coming out as a bisexual, Bree took to Twitter and provided a juicy scoop into her dating life. Per the former “SourceFed” host’s April 2019 tweet, her boyfriend was bisexual too.

Additionally, Bree shared that her mystery husband prospect was allowed to have a girlfriend because the two were practicing open relationships.

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Before the revelation, Bree was romantically linked with friend Steve Zaragoza. Dating rumors swirled as she continuously posted pictures with her rumored boyfriend on Instagram.

Bree’s suspected lover Steve was once married to Sara Zessin. Steve and Sara divorced in 2015.

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