We are here with yet another celebrity from the famous Everett family. This time around, it is the wife of Chantel’s elder brother Royal Everett, Angenette Everett.

If you know about TLC‘s reality show The Family Chantel or if you follow our site, get excited to know more about the new member of the Everett family. If you have no idea about either, read along. You will find out soon enough.

Angenette Everett Age, Birthday, Zodiac

The exact death of birth of Angenette was not known, and thus neither was her zodiac sign. What was known was that she was 23 years of age in 2020.

Her husband, Royal Everett, on the other hand, was 32 years of age.

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Angenette Everett Wiki — Maiden Name, Nationality, Parents

Angenette was born in Cagayan Valley in the Phillippines. So, before marriage, Angenette’s nationality was Filipino. However, after marrying Royal, she changed her nationality to American.

Not much was known about her parents and her family, except that they were from the Philippines. Also, she was always addressed as Angenette or Angenette Everett. So, her maiden name was also not known.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

Angenette Everett is 5 ft 3 inches in height, not very short for an American woman but not very short for a Filipino woman. Also, she weighed 51 kgs.

Talking about her distinct features: she had wavy black hair, a broad face, a wide nose.

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Social Media Reach: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

The authors of this article could not find anything related to Angenette in social media. Neither Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter had any trace of Angenette who was Everett.

She must be present on Facebook at some point because she met her husband on Facebook. Either she had left Facebook since or kept it private.

Angenette Everett Job, The Family Chantel

For those who still don’t know who exactly Angenette Everett is (although we have already given lots of wikis about her). Well, she was the reality show star who appeared on TLC‘s The Family Chantel.

The Family Chantel was a spinoff of 90 Days Fiance and followed Chantel Everett and her family. Angenette was the wife of Chantel’s ender brother Royal Everett.

Angenette was the main cast of the first season of the show as well. But in the second season, she was one of the focus of all the drama (more on that later).

It was unknown what job she had back in The Phillippines. After moving to the states, however, she was mostly a reality TV star.

The Family Chantel showrunners must have paid some salary to its cast. Although, Angenette could not be among the top earners of the show, as she was only the supporting cast.

There was no information about either Angenette or Royal’s net worth.

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Angenette Everett & Royal: Wedding, Miscarriage, How Did They Meet?

Okay, now the lovey-dovey and some quarrel-y things. Angenette and Royal first met through Facebook. She won’t tell anyone how, but Angenette found Royal on Facebook and started a conversation.

The love blossomed on the internet. Royal went to The Phillippines to meet Angenette twice. The second time he met her family too. Angenette moved to America and applied for a K-1 visa. They did not wait for 90 Days to get married. But had their first wedding within a week of her moving to the US.


Angenette Everett and her husband Royal Everett (PC:

All that happened. And in the beginning, unlike their general tendency, the Everett family was welcoming of Angenette. Chantel’s husband was not happy with the double standards, considering they were not very welcoming to him.

Of course, it was The Family Chantel and that kind of trust was not possible. The Everett Family were still suspicious of Angenette marrying Royal for the American Greencard although they did not show the distrust. But the real drama came from Royal himself.

There were some trust issues between Angenette and Royal. And things got real tense during their second wedding in Manila, Phillippines. Royal and Angenette got into a fight in front of all their families and friends.

Royal did not trust Angenette because he thought she was chatting with other guys on Facebook. Angenette, on the other hand, said had had a miscarriage. And she suspected that Royal thought it was not his baby. Royal denied all that.

What happened next? Well, we do not know. You might have to watch The Family Chantel‘s next episode on TLC for that.

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