On the app TikTok, Signa Mae boasts a blue checkmark. A commendable achievement given her age. As of February 2020, some 5.6 million fans followed her on the video-sharing website.

Over on Instagram, Signa boasted 898k followers (as of February 2020).

In short, Signa embodies what it means to a social media star. Using her reach, she regularly shines a light on bullying and spreads positive messages.

Unlock details about Signa’s life by studying her wiki!

How Tall Is Signa Mae? Wiki, Age & Brother

Born in 2003, Signa Mae turned 16 years of age on 18th September 2019. Matt O’Keefe and Shannon Ottmar are the names of her biological parents.

Concerning siblings: Signa grew up next to sister Sophia O’Keefe and brothers Beau & Aaden O’Keefe. Unfortunately, big brother Beau died at a young age. As a tribute, the TikTok sensation shared the music video of Skyler’s Grey “Coming Home.”

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3-year-old Signa witnessed her parents go through a divorce. Splitting from her mother, her father got remarried.

Blessed with 54 kg weight, Signa owns five feet & eight (173 cm) height. Her green eyes go very well with her natural brown colored hair.

Dating Plus Boyfriend Details

Signa Mae’s first-ever public boyfriend was fellow internet celebrity, Braydon Wald.


Signa Mae and Braydon Wald circa 2018 (Pic – Healthy Celeb)

In July 2017, Signa and Bryadon commenced dating. At the time, she was 13 while he was 16.

To those in the shadows: Signa’s once-boyfriend Braydon is immensely popular on Instagram. With a background in athletics, he ran cross country during his high school years.

Following nine months of courtship, Signa and Braydon opted to go separate ways. In a typical fashion, neither provided a reason as to why they split.

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On 28th October 2019, Signa updated her relationship status and signaled that she was no longer in the dating market. The TikTok star, however, didn’t reveal her boyfriend.

Interesting Facts About Signa Mae

  1. A Virgo via birth sign, Signa Mae is birthday pals with musician Joji and Aidan Gallagher.
  2. Signa Mae is a native of Maple Grove, Minnesota, US.
  3. Carrie is the name of Signa Mae’s step-mother.
  4. Signa Mae once referred her biological mother Shannon Ottmar as best friend.
  5. In September 2017, Signa Mae opened her Twitter profile.
  6. Since an early age, Signa Mae began idolizing English actress Emma Watson.
  7. Playing for the Minnesota Select Volleyball Club, Signa Mae rocked a #24 jersey. Her position was a mid blocker.
  8. Before finding TikTok fame, Signa Mae became popular for her videos on the app
  9. In her brother Beau O’Keefe’s remembrance, Signa Mae uploaded a set of videos to Skyler Grey’s “Coming Home.”
  10. Signa Mae gets credited for inventing the #SmileChallenge.

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