Posting alternative content on TikTok, Mooptopia soared to prominence in 2020. What’s more, her videos defied logic and even contained surreal elements.

Unlike most influencers, Mooptopia never discussed her life outside of TikTok. Therefore, recognizing the need to shed light on the social media star, we’ve compiled a wiki. Keep on reading and learn more about her!

Mooptopia Wiki — Who Is She?

According to 2020 several reports, Mooptopia is a high school student residing in Elliot City, MD.

An overnight TikTok sensation, Mooptopia faced backlash after evidence suggested she might be a Donald Trump supporter.

Nevertheless, Mooptopia continued to enjoy success because of her weird and off-trend TikTok videos.

Mooptopia’s meteoric rise on the video-sharing app was nothing short of extraordinary. At one point, she bagged 100 thousand followers a day.

Age, Birthday, Zodiac

As of 2020, Mooptopia was reportedly under 18 years of age.

Because Mooptopia chose not to share her date of birth, info concerning her birthday and zodiac remained hidden.

A gifted painter, Mooptopia filled her IG with her drawings. Many lauded her use of vibrant color to chalk up profound images.

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Parents, Siblings, Real Name

Per, Mooptopia embraced Slavs ethnicity. The publication, however, opted not to share details about her parents, siblings, and family.

Also, Mooptopia seemed very reluctant to give out details involving her education, childhood, and early life.

Moreover, Anastasiya Boryslavska is allegedly her real name.

Height, Weight, Distinct Features

To mention her height, Moopotia stood around 5 feet 5 inches tall. At the time, her weight didn’t cross 60 kilograms.

More on her appearance: Moopotia owned chestnut-colored hair. Meanwhile, she possessed a perfect set of blue eyes that counted as her distinct features.

Social Media Reach: IG, TikTok, Cameo

As of 30th July 2020, Mooptopia had accumulated 2.1 million followers on TikTok. Also on the platform, she garnered 91.5 million likes.

On Instagram though, Mooptopia operated under the username @sugarihoney. There, some 130 thousand people followed her.

Likewise, Mooptopia launched a Cameo account. It maintained a 5-star rating.

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Net Worth, Merch, Donald Trump Controversy

In July 2020, a photo surfaced wherein Mooptopia stood before a Donald Trump banner. Immediately, detractors flooded her feed with backlash.

Responding to the criticism, Mooptopia denied she ever supported the 45th President of the United States.

Things went out of control when Mooptopia’s home address was leaked. Devastated by the series of developments, she took to TikTok and announced her exit from TikTok.

Mootopia’s merchandises, however, were available on her official website. Items on her merch store ranged anywhere from $4 (sticker) to $35 (hoodie).

A day after “quitting” TikTok, Mooptopia returned. Moreover, she refrained from sharing what spurred the change of heart.

Withstanding controversy and drama, Mooptopia continued to forge a strong online presence. Surely, it helped her to maintain over $100 thousand net worth.

Boyfriend, Dating, Sexuality

Everyone seemed to be in love with Mooptopia’s quirky qualities and personality. Collectively, they called themselves “Moops.”

As of Summer 2020, Mooptopia hadn’t offered an insight into her dating life. Therefore, assumptions concerning her sexuality grew rampant.

Even if Mooptopia had a boyfriend, she had masterfully hidden him from her followers.

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